It All Began in a Basement

Ag Leader was born unofficially back in 1986 in Al Myers’ basement. With a handful of parts from an electronics store and a vision to improve agriculture through high-tech innovation, he "Frankensteined" a prototype. By June of 1992, Al had developed and tested the world’s first widely successful on-the-go yield monitor. He said goodbye to his design engineer day job and founded Ag Leader Technology. In its first year the company sold a whopping 10 monitors!

Al Myers

But word began to spread, and in 1995, 1,500 Yield Monitor 2000s found their way to farms around the Midwest. Over the next few years, the company expanded into new facilities in Ames, Iowa, hired dozens of employees and released lots of new tools and software designed for GPS, guidance and variable rate application.

Now over 300 remarkable people make Ag Leader the industry leader. Precision farming technology is really about helping farmers do what they do, only better. We exist to figure out the How: How can you plan, plant, apply and harvest more accurately, efficiently and profitably? Let's just say that Ag Leader has come a long way from Al's basement, and we've got a few ideas for you.

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