What is the Educational Solutions Program?

The Ag Leader Educational Solutions Program offers schools of all sizes, one source for their precision agriculture needs. Everything from beginning course content, precision equipment training, general precision resources and even the software programs themselves. This, all in one package, is the easiest way to start a new precision ag program or enhance an existing program. Here at Ag Leader, we are aware of the needs for a knowledgeable precision workforce and we strive to help you make that happen.

Why partner with Ag Leader?

The Ag Leader Academy, Ames, Iowa

The Educational Solutions Program exposes students to the precision agriculture industry. With the Agriculture industry continually embracing new high tech precision tools; students knowledgeable on the subject will be highly valued within this exciting industry. By exposing your students to real world practices and equipment used in the industry today, you’re empowering them with the information they need to be successful. Our team is here to help make your program a success. From our wide range of resources available to having an industry insider’s knowledge at your disposal, Ag Leader is your comprehensive precision partner. 

Educational Solutions Package

Software Lab Package

  • Up to 30 SMS™ Advanced Software Unlocks 
  • Up to 30 SMS™ Mobile Software Unlocks 
  • Access to the AgFiniti® cloud-based platform

Precision Display Simulator Package

  • Ag Leader InCommand® 1200 display
  • CAN simulator package, which integrates with a PC for simulating field operations such as application, guidance, planting, harvesting, and more...

Educational Resources

  • Precision equipment and software training opportunities
  • A dedicated industry team to help answer questions


Educator’s Thoughts

"The Ag Leader EDU Program gives our students an edge over other programs."
Dewey Mann – Ohio State University

"Ag Leader’s EDU program is great because we have access to the same products that are being used in today’s agriculture industry."
Brad Kinsinger – Hawkeye Community College

"The students we produce today have to have a fundamental knowledge of precision agriculture, along with a core understanding of the technology in order to be successful in agriculture."
Dr. Matt Darr – Iowa State University

"The benefit in coming back to the EDU conference every year is learning what’s new in the ever changing precision agriculture market."
Kevin Butt – Ellsworth Community College

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