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Apr, 17 2014 - by Ag Leader

Spring into Action with New Tech Support Hours

It’s almost that time again, when farmers race to get into the field! Planting season is upon us and with that comes extended hours for our technical support team. Starting the weekend of March 22nd we are now available for Saturday and Sunday support. Saturday support is available 8 am – 4 pm CST. While Sunday support is available 12 pm – 4 pm CST (check listings below).

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Apr, 15 2014 - by Luke James

Utilizing UAV Imagery with SMS Advanced

The production ag community has envisioned the many benefits of utilizing UAV technology since its inception. With many affordable solutions on the market today, ag professionals have begun offering services, and growers have realized the opportunity of using their own UAVs in their operations. While UAVs have become more affordable, often this technology has required the purchase of additional software programs to stitch, process and analyze captured imagery. While SMS doesn’t currently offer image stitching tools, the software is capable of processing and analyzing the raw NIR imagery.

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Ag Leader

Apr, 03 2014 - by Isaac Bowers

2014 SMS Pre-Planting Checklist (Part 2)

Welcome back!  Here are the final two steps in preparing for this spring.  Click here to link back to Part 1.

4. Analyze your data and make your management decisions

All of the data that you have recorded these past years has a story to tell and it’s all there at your fingertips.  By analyzing your data, you can answer important questions about your operation such as:

  • Which soil type and hybrid/variety combinations are performing and which aren’t?
  • Does planting speed make a difference in yield?
  • How do different soil fertility levels affect yield? 
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Ag Leader

Apr, 02 2014 - by Isaac Bowers

2014 SMS Pre-Planting Checklist (Part 1)

As much as I dreaded Daylight Savings Time this year, I was happy to see it come as it’s a simple reminder that spring is here and the daylight hours are getting longer.  In general, I am just ready to spend more time outside.  Before you head to the field this spring (or before you get too far into your field work for those that have started already), here are a couple things that you should put on your TO DO list for your precision ag desktop software this spring.

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Apr, 01 2014 - by Jason Copeland

Updates Bring Exciting New Features to the GPS 2500B Base Station!

When Ag Leader introduced the GPS 2500B base station it was excellent in field operations involving the GPS 2500, like tiling or OnTrac2+ systems. Ag Leader dealers and growers wanted the success of the GPS 2500B to use in field operations with the ParaDyme or GeoSteer because they were interested in using GLONASS or the Quick Survey feature. However, GeoSteer and ParaDyme used a different brand of radio than 2500B. Unfortunately, it is impossible for two brands of radio to communicate. It’s like the base station is trying to talk to the rover in a language the rover doesn't understand. In the RTK radio world, the base and rover radio need to match to communicate. That is why Ag Leader is proud to announce GPS 2500B updates that allow external radios to match your operation.

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Mar, 27 2014 - by Sam Worley

Hardware’s Spring Checklist for Successful Planting

Although spring hasn’t fully arrived here in Ames, the polar vortex days are thankfully behind us. That means we’re all getting antsy for the warm, sunny days of May. Until then, this would be the ideal time for pulling the planter out of the shed to ensure your planting setup is ready for trouble-free field operation.

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Mar, 25 2014 - by Hans Stiekema

International Perspectives: When in Rome…

January 29 and 30, the EMEA office hosted a sales training for the distributors in Rome, Italy. This was the first of many EMEA sales meetings to follow.

Almost all distributors were present and informed on the great opportunities they have with the present Ag Leader products.  There were a total of 46 attendees! The growth of sales figures over the last 2 years and potential growth in years to come were discussed.

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Mar, 17 2014 - by Sam Worley

Ag Leader asks, “How do you like to plant?”

Hidden in the version 5.2 release notes, among all the other exciting new features of the Ag Leader® Integra, is the ability to plant and apply headlands first or last with AutoSwath functionality. This easily overlooked feature will give growers the flexibility to plant the headlands last, be it to minimize compaction, for seed corn planting or to minimize emergence issues caused by turning around at the end of passes.

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Mar, 13 2014 - by Jason Copeland

What is Pattern Grouping?

With the new v5.2 firmware comes a new way to record multiple guidance paths together in a field. This is called “Pattern Grouping”. It works great with Straight AB, Identical Curves, Adaptive Curves, and Pivot patterns.  Now an operator can create a Straight AB line then create curved patterns around obstructions and save them within the same field as a group.

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