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Mar, 31 2015 - by Taylor Jensen

That’s a Wrap!

As winter loosens its icy grip and spring begins to appear, the shed doors are open and everyone is enjoying working in the warming weather.  Ag Leader Academy’s winter training has wrapped up for another successful season.  With spring nearing, dealers are helping their customers using the knowledge they have gained by attending Ag Leader classes.

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Mar, 27 2015 - by Kaleb Lindquist

Looking for a More Efficient Planting Season? Look No Further than AgFiniti - Part 2

Your planter is greased, row units ready to roll, start up fertilizer system good to go; your sprayer is waiting patiently for the first round of post application to begin. Only one thing remains…display setup and calibrations. They’re dreaded. Time consuming. You haven’t used that display for months. You power it on; now what? Don’t remember? Your dealer is 40 minutes away. What if they could walk you through everything remotely? Now there is a thought…

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Ag Leader

Mar, 27 2015 - by Ag Leader

National Survey Identifies Ag Leader as the Top Precision Brand

A recent survey conducted by Farm Journal Media resulted in Ag Leader being chosen as the strongest brand in precision agriculture. The survey listed several top contenders in the precision agriculture markets and participants selected their opinion of the strongest brand, which brand they currently use and how satisfied they were with their brand.

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Mar, 26 2015 - by Kaleb Lindquist

Looking for a More Efficient Planting Season? Look No Further than AgFiniti.

Spring brings much excitement to the farm gate. Grass is turning green, trees are starting to bloom, and of course, farmers are preparing their equipment to turn over the first shovel of dirt for the year. All of this excitement can sometimes be overshadowed by the stress of planting. Am I going to get everything planted on time? Is that rain cloud coming this way? Is my equipment going to work right? Why worry so much…?

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Mar, 24 2015 - by Danielle Hamilton

Introducing ISO Direct Injection

As a leading manufacturer of precision farming equipment, Ag Leader strives to supply the agriculture industry with improved products that help producers to get even more out of every acre. In 2015, it is estimated that a traditional tillage, corn on corn rotation will cost, on average, $812.83 per acre, which compares to $476.61 per acre for that same operation just 9 years ago in 2006. That is nearly double the input cost! This staggering statistic leads to the question—how can producers get the most out of every penny spent?

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Mar, 17 2015 - by Seth Schrader

Don’t Forget to Manage Your Guidance Lines!

During the cold winter months is it easy to think that field work is a long time away. However the truth is the cold, ice and snow will soon be gone and it will be time to get back in the fields before we know it. There are several steps that can be taken now to ensure a smooth and productive year. Steps that aren’t usually overlooked are getting the planter and tractor ready, ordering seed, fertilizer, chemicals, etc. However one preparation task that can be missed is spending some time managing your guidance lines. 

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Ag Leader

Mar, 11 2015 - by Danielle Hamilton

Tips from tech: preparing for spring

As the long awaited spring season approaches, it is time to make sure equipment and its precision components are operating in peak condition to reduce potential downtime during the best of planting conditions. With the Farmer’s Almanac predicting intermittent wet spells during March and the beginning of April, followed by unseasonably warm temperatures for the end of April into the month of May1 —now is the time to go through those pre-season check lists to be sure everything is ready for the precious few weeks of pristine farming weather that will be here before we know it!

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Ag Leader

Feb, 26 2015 - by Shannon Mitchell

Gear up for Spring with Planting Prescriptions!

One way to maximize your inputs for 2015 is to use variable rate planting within your operation. With our SMS software, you can create planting prescriptions that will utilize your fields’ past yield data, soil type, and soil sampling information. In both SMS Basic and SMS Advanced, you have the ability to create planting/seeding as well as fertilizing prescriptions on a field-by-field basis. You may use any map as a reference layer to build these prescriptions.

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