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Jan, 16 2015 - by Kaleb Lindquist

View Your Data from Anywhere, Anytime!

The majority of today’s society can be described in one word-mobile.

Most of us have a tablet nearby that has more processing power than our first 2 or 3 computers combined. We can access emails, surf the web, create documents and view nearly any file that’s sitting on our laptops back at the office.  What if we had that same mobility with our precision ag data? Imagine the possibilities…

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Ag Leader

Jan, 16 2015 - by Ag Leader

Ag Leader Introduces AgFiniti Map View

Ames, Iowa, January 13, 2015 – Ag Leader Technology, Inc., a premium provider of precision agriculture hardware and software, today announced a no cost supplemental feature called Map View, for the AgFiniti® cloud-based platform. AgFiniti Map View will be used in conjunction with SMS™ Basic and Advanced desktop software programs and AgFiniti to allow maps, field statistics and other data to be viewed on any web enabled device such as tablets, laptops and phones, accessible from any location. Map View will also allow the user to view their current location and compare statistics relevant to that GPS location while in the field, when used on compatible devices.

Available free of cost to all current SMS Basic and Advanced maintenance subscribers, Map View offers the versatility to not only view maps and other data on the go but also allows simple data analysis such as viewing statistics for multiple maps via GPS location or manual selection on your favorite mobile device. “AgFiniti Map View will offer something for every SMS user – from the field scout to the agronomist to the farmer” says Luke James, Software Sales Manager. Additionally, James is excited about the variety of devices that will be able to utilize Map View, “Growers can utilize their existing iPad, Android or Windows devices to view their data anywhere and anytime. When scouting during the summer or consulting at the dining room table with landlords and trusted advisors.”

AgFiniti Map View and SMS version 15.1 release are now available. Visit for details or to locate a dealer.

About Ag Leader
Ag Leader Technology, Inc., is the recognized technology innovator of precision agriculture hardware and software. Located in Ames, Iowa, USA, the company designs, manufactures and markets industry leading precision farming technology to help growers make smart, profitable business decisions. Founded in 1992, the company has achieved consistent growth and expansion by providing value-based products that help growers and agricultural professionals achieve and maintain a successful, pro table operation. For more information, visit

Dec, 30 2014 - by Nick Hageman

Ag Leader’s New ISO Downforce System

Ag Leader is coming out with some exciting new products for 2015. One of the most talked about is the new ISO down force system.  The new ISO downforce is very similar to the previous style in terms of how it controls the row units, but there are enhancements that help the system be more precise. Also we have the option to control the ISO downforce system with more displays than the Ag Leader® Integra.

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Dec, 22 2014 - by Preston Poots

The Educator Event is Growing!

With temperatures slowly dropping and snowfall peeking around the corner, it is hard to imagine those warm summer days. Here at the Ag Leader Academy we are already picturing hot and humid days as we look forward to the Educator Event that will be held at the end of the summer.

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Dec, 18 2014 - by Jenna Royer

Ag Leader Yield Monitoring System Offered on North American AGCO Combines

Ames, Iowa – Ag Leader Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce their collaboration with AGCO in offering precision technology on AGCO Combines. For model year 2015 Gleaner S8 Series combines, Massey Ferguson 9505 Series and Challenger 500E combines, the option is now available to have an Ag Leader yield monitoring system factory-installed. Ag Leader® Integra and Versa displays are also available to be ordered separately.

“Adding a yield monitoring system with Ag Leader display to your combine allows the operator to view yield and moisture maps in real-time for instant feedback on yield performance while in the field,” said Roger Zielke, Product Manager. “Our time tested yield monitor will be a perfect addition for growers purchasing an AGCO combine.”

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Dec, 08 2014 - by Nick Hageman

Tips From Tech: Preparing For Winter Weather

It is that time of year where we are hopefully wrapping up harvest and fall application. This winter snuck up on us a little faster than expected.  Hopefully you were able to get the crops out and the fall fertilizer applied before the snow started to fall and the ground became froze.  Once harvest is done for the year, there are a few things to do to protect your Ag Leader equipment.

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Dec, 04 2014 - by Adam Walters

Start the new year by analyzing your data

Now that harvest is over and your data has been imported into SMS, it’s time to organize and fix any mistakes that were found so it can be analyzed before next season. When using precision ag displays, it’s common that the operator will forget to change a field name, perhaps spell something wrong, or even select the wrong crop that they are harvesting. It’s important to correct any mistakes that happened in the field so the data is usable and presentable, which allows us to extract as much value from it as possible.

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Nov, 26 2014 - by Tyler Anderson

Get your data into SMS today!

Now that harvest is winding down for the majority of us, it will be important to get your valuable data read into SMS.  Luckily, the import process in SMS will be the same no matter what kind of display you currently use.  By using the tools present within SMS, you can create maps, queries and charts.  Also your maps and SMS tools will help to determine what management decisions had a positive or negative effect and allow you to start planning for next year's growing season.

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