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Nov, 26 2014 - by Tyler Anderson

Get your data read into SMS today!

Now that harvest is winding down for the majority of us, it will be important to get your valuable data read into SMS.  Luckily, the import process in SMS will be the same no matter what kind of display you currently use.  By using the tools present within SMS, you can create maps, queries and charts.  Also your maps and SMS tools will help to determine what management decisions had a positive or negative effect and allow you to start planning for next year's growing season.

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Nov, 21 2014 - by Ag Leader

Did you know? Highlighting GPS vs GNSS

In the precision ag world a lot of acronyms are thrown around on a day to day basis. Sometimes we can get confused and misuse these terms. We thought we would explain where these acronyms came from and how they are used today. First, we will dive into GPS vs. GNSS. How are they similar but also so different?

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The Value of Data Logo gif

Nov, 20 2014 - by Luke James

Value of Data – Learning from 2014 to better 2015

As you begin wrapping up the year and looking forward to 2015, have you asked yourself, what did I learn from 2014? How can I use what I learned to increase my profitability in 2015? What caught your eye on a yield map? Did you notice a correlation to yield from varied fertilizer rates? When comparing yield maps from year to year, do you notice consistent yield trends? You’ve probably noted many things throughout the year, but the big question is, what are you going to do about it?

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Nov, 18 2014 - by Preston Poots

Training Customers, Dealers, and Insurance Agents?

With fall coming to a close and the harvest season wrapping up, Ag Leader growers are cleaning their equipment and gathering their data. Organizing, analyzing, and making informed management decisions with the data they collected from this last growing season are all priorities when wrapping up the season. Another job that may be on the to-do list is to meet with their insurance agent and export data for this season’s acreage and production reporting.

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Nov, 06 2014 - by Derek White

Don’t forget your prescription with SMS!

Now that harvest season is coming to an end perhaps after getting the combine stuck a few times, it is time to start planning for fall application. With SMS software, you can easily create prescriptions from data already in your software using the prescription editor or equation analysis. (Ex: yield data, soil sample data, soil survey, and zone maps)

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Nov, 04 2014 - by Taylor Jensen

Learn something new at Winter training 2015

Fall is always a beautiful time of the year as the leaves are changing, temperatures cool, and the rural areas come alive with equipment in the fields.  However this fall has not been like the picturesque scene I just described.  Fall has been very wet this year in the Midwestern U.S. which has slowed progress in the fields.  But as always, farmers and Ag Leader dealers alike will get the job done!

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Water Management

Nov, 03 2014 - by Luke Bunkers

Tiling is upon us – are you ready?

With harvest in full swing, it is time to start thinking about preparing for tile planning and installation.  From checking tiling hardware and controllers to designing and creating tile plans, both can save time and headaches while in the field.  Below are a few items to keep in mind when starting to prepare for tile season.

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