Ag Leader® Integra Display

The Ag Leader® Integra display is a powerful, full-featured precision farming tool for any operation.

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Versa™ Display

The all-new Versa display builds upon the Ag Leader Integra's industry-leading technology, making it an ideal resource.

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Compass™ Display

Growers looking for a simple and affordable precision farming display now have an entry-level solution offering guidance and virtual terminal capabilities.

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Guidance and Steering

GPS Receiver Systems

GPS 6000, GPS 6500, GPS 6500 base station, Relay

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The OnTrac3 Assisted Steering system will reduce operator fatigue and help improve pass-to-pass accuracy

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Today’s high-tech seed isn’t cheap. If you’re not in proper control of how much seed you plant or where it's planted, you’re probably sacrificing yield potential and bottom line performance.

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Yield Monitoring

Ag Leader provides the most widely used grain yield monitoring technology in the world. Create and view yield and moisture maps while harvesting and instantly observe how field conditions affect yield. Make year-round management decisions based on this valuable information. 

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SMS™ Software

SMS™ Basic

SMS™ Basic is powerful desktop software that helps you to take data from your field and turn into smart management decisions, using information gathered from planting through harvest.

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SMS™ Mobile

SMS™ Mobile allows you to collect information from the field and sync with your desktop software program to provide the extra detail needed to make critical management decisions.

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SMS™ Advanced

Ideal for farmers looking for more sophisticated analysis tools and consultants who are working with multiple clients, SMS™ Advanced includes all of the features of SMS Basic, plus additional tools and features designed to make analysis across multiple fields and operations easy.

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Ag Leader's Intellislope® simplifies the process of installing field drainage tile by using an RTK GPS receiver to install tile with a positive grade through the entire run. This eliminates the need for laser surveying equipment, which can be subject to weather conditions, and adjustments to keep the plow on grade in changing topography. 

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Being connected makes farming more efficient by providing decision-making information when and where you need it. AgFiniti connect you to your data in the field, in the office, from your laptop or even your smartphone. Ag Leader believes the grower’s data belongs to the grower. That's why we relinquish the right to access or use it. Growers can use AgFiniti with confidence, knowing their data is in their control. Gain more control over your downtime as well. Reducing troubleshooting times and increasing the time spent on the task at hand increases your operation's efficiency.

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