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AgFiniti Data Management

Today's agriculture is increasingly data centric; your information needs to be more accessible than ever. With the AgFiniti cloud- based platform, take information about your entire operation with you wherever you go to help you make decisions on the farm that matter most.

AgFiniti across your entire operation

Farming is easier and more efficient when you have access to the tools you need. With this in mind, AgFiniti was developed to put your data at your fingertips no matter where you're at! Seamlessly access your maps and reports from any mobile device without having to learn a dedicated farm management software. Your maps and reports are available with or without an internet connection, and without any complicated processes. Simply open the AgFiniti cloud based portal or the AgFiniti Mobile app and have access to your information! AgFiniti. Your data, when and where you need it.

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Real-time Display to Display Communication

AgFiniti and InCommand displays come together to bring you DisplayCast®, a new feature providing display-to-display communication. Share coverage maps, guidance lines, field summary information, yield and planting maps and more between InCommand displays without the use of USBs, expensive modems or desktop software. 

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Connect to your Displays

Having seamless access to your data as soon as you leave the cab is critical to using your data to make decisions. With the AgFiniti Mobile app for iPad you can seamlessly transfer your maps and information directly from your InCommand displays. This no cost solution gives you powerful data analytics for any operation and any year.

Connect to your whole operation

​Elevate your data management experience across your whole operation with AgFiniti. With an AgFiniti Essentials license, your Ag Leader displays, smartphones, tablets and computers are all in sync. Once you leave the field for the day, your maps and information sync across your AgFiniti accounts to ensure you have access to your high definition data from any device.

Your Data, Anywhere, Any Device

You're on the go 24-7, your data should follow suit. When you use AgFiniti on your operation you get just that. Whether you're in the cab on your smartphone, on your Ag Leader display, or walking fields with your iPad. Your maps and information are seamlessly synced across your entire operation. Want last year's fertilizer maps for scouting? They're there. Want to see your soil sample results? They're there. Need your application reports? They're there to send to your trusted advisor.

Now with DisplayCast, your maps and information are available on every display in your operation, regardless of which display created it. Learn more about DisplayCast here.

Support In the Cab

AgFiniti gives you the peace of mind that help is just a phone call away. Grant your dealer access to view your display and have them walk you through calibrations, equipment setup, troubleshooting and more! Your Ag Leader dealer or trusted advisor can see exactly what you see, from their laptop or mobile device!

AgFiniti Highlights

Want to learn more about AgFiniti's possibilites? Check out our support page, filled with quick reference guides and FAQs to help you gain a better understanding! 

Infinite Possibilities

Your partners. Your operation. Your way.

Advanced technology made simple. More control. Easy access and collaboration. That’s just the beginning.

As information becomes more critical to decision-making and profitability, AgFiniti® becomes the hub of your operation. Data from the field becomes information that can be accessed instantly from anywhere and shared with anyone.

Manage and monitor field activities from your home office. Access field displays remotely. Connect your technology.

Your partners. Your operation. Your way.

Knowing my data is safe and secure, and that I’m the only one to access it gives me peace of mind. It’s the reason I decided to go with the AgFiniti system, and have been very happy with my decision. — Steve Rau, Iowa

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