Spinner Spreader Control

DirectCommand® offers simple spinner spreader control allowing for AutoSwath, variable rate application, rate control and more.

Spinner Spreader Control Simplified

Spreader View

DirectCommand simplifies spinner spreader control by controlling the spinner speed, in addition to monitoring the bin level. The system reads ground speed and automatically adjusts product flow to match target application rates.

DirectCommand control modules support PWM, motorized servo, Mark IV.2, Mark IV.4 and Mark V hydraulic control valves. DirectCommand also supports application control of multiple bin spinner spreaders.  

Container Sequencing

Container Sequencing allows for application of the same product (discrete products or blends) sequentially from multiple containers.

  • When product container is low or empty, system automatically advances product application to the next designated container in the sequence.
  • Supported on spinner spreader configurations.
  • User is alerted when system advances product application to the next container.
  • Intuitive setup allows container sequencing to be added to existing configurations.
  • Sequence can easily be edited to fit application needs without having to create a new configuration.

Variable Rate Application

DirectCommand allows the variable rate application of single or multiple products. The system controls application rates of liquid and granular products automatically, based on geo-referenced prescription maps. 

Rate Control

Control, adjust and record field application based on manually entered target rates or by using rates from a variable rate prescription file. The system uses a flow meter signal and speed input from a radar or GPS receiver and reads up to three optional pressure sensors, eliminating the need to monitor pressure gauges outside the cab.

Additionally, enhanced calibration simplifies setup time by creating and storing calibration routines, eliminating the need to recalibrate equipment each time it's used.

New Leader Fan Frame and Feed Gate Control

Automatically adjust spinner Fan Frame position and Feed Gate based on previously calibrated and stored values. This ensures accuracy and proper equipment settings.

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