Strip-Till Application

Allow DirectCommand® to control up to three channels of granular product using our strip-till application module.

Apply fertilizer precisely where its needed.


Total Strip-Till Fertilizer Control

  • Control up to three channels of granular product using our strip-till applicator.
  • Simultaneously control anhydrous and nitrogen stabilizer with the addition of liquid and chemical injection control modules.
  • Apply fertilizer only where it's needed based on prescription maps.
  • Record inputs for future reference.

Rate Control

Control, adjust and record field application based on manually entered target rates or by using rates from a variable rate prescription file. The system uses a flow meter signal and speed input from a radar or GPS receiver and reads up to three optional pressure sensors, eliminating the need to monitor pressure gauges outside the cab.

Additionally, enhanced calibration simplifies setup time by creating and storing calibration routines, eliminating the need to recalibrate equipment each time it's used.

Variable Rate Application

DirectCommand allows the variable rate application of single or multiple products. The system controls application rates of liquid and granular products automatically based on geo-referenced prescription maps. 


DirectCommand's AutoSwath feature reduces overapplication and product waste by automatically turning the applicator (liquid or granular) on/off based on field boundaries and already-applied areas as it pass over the field. 

Sub-inch Accuracy

Ag Leader provides the premier automated steering system for precision farming: SteerCommand® with GPS 6500. SteerCommand with GPS 6500 offers sub-inch accuracy, simple setup and robust correction options. If easier steering is a priority, you won't find a better choice than Ag Leader.

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