Data Management

Data Management

What's step one for the successful farming operation? Good planning, which begins with successful gathering of in-field information and observation of the crop through the year and recording your thoughts along the way. 

Value of Data

The best planning BEGINS with your data!

SMS Viewing

Data from precision ag has immense value for making management decisions. These management decisions must be based on “real-life” questions you have about improving your operation, driven by your collected data. The data you collect has tremendous value beyond the benefits you see in the cab. So how do you begin the process of getting more answers from your precision ag data? Below is a road map for turning your data into profitable management decisions. 

1. Collect Accurate Data - Profit increasing management decisions must be made using accurate data. This includes using proper calibrations,  equipment settings and logging practices during your field activites. 

2. Read Data into SMS - Confirm your data is being properly logged. Archive data for future analysis by importing it into SMS multiple times throughout the growing season. 

3. Explore Your Maps - Note your observations as you begin reviewing your maps. Include trusted advisors during this process as often times ofters notice different things. Try not to focus on answering these difficult questions at this stage. Data management is vast and can become overwhelming if not organized into reachable targets. Ask logical questions related to yield response and variation. 

4. Organize Your Thoughts - Sort your observations into two lists - Environment and Management. The environment list will include observations that are out of a grower's control, such as excessive precipitation or temperature. The management list will include observations that are within a grower's control, such as Nitrogen management, variety selection and placement, plant population and fertility. 

5. Make an Action List - Reflect on the observations that you want to solve. Invest time in seeking out the major influencing factors to yield and decisions that will have an instant impact to your operation, then go after the "low hanging fruit."

Data management requires a time investment, but offers a limitless payback. Don't be afraid  to seek help when operating SMS, either from our industry leading support team or from your local trusted advisors. Discover how SMS software uncovers what your data needs to tell you. 

Benefits for You and Your Partners


By recording data year-round from your precision farming display, you are your number one resource. Collecting data over multiple years allows you to understand how changing variables affect yield and profit.

Crop Consultants

Agronomists can identify ways to improve yield potentials for crops across your farm. By utilizing your valuable crop data, this information can be reviewed and analyzed to help make the right management decisions for your fields.

Soil Sampling

Data gained from soil sampling can determine nutrient variations that may influence yield potential. Variable rate prescriptions can be created for precise fertilizer application based on your field's nutrient needs.

Insurance and Farm Management

Field boundaries, planting, application and yield history can be stored within SMS Software. Acreage and production history can easily be exported from SMS Software, elininating time-consuming paperwork and providing better insights on how inputs and other costs affect profitability.

Service Providers

Custom applicators can be provided turn-key prescription maps, eliminating the potential for miscommunication on field locations, product rates and recommendations. Field activity can easily be imported into SMS Software.


Working directly with seed dealers, data from precision farming assists seed partners in matching the right hybrids/varieties to different fields based on current field conditions as well as historical data.

Water Management

Data from precision operations can give you a better understanding of field topography. SMS Software provides you with the information to create drainage plans with the assistance of elevation, soil survey, grain harvest and other maps of your client’s fields. SMS equips you with the tools to utilize all the information needed to create and share professional drainage plans.

SMS™ Software

Your Software for Data Management.

SMS™ Basic

SMS Basic Software makes data storage and management intuitive and reliable.

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SMS™ Advanced

SMS Advanced Software, with the next level of features and capabilites, is our most powerful software.

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SMS™ Mobile

SMS Mobile Software allows you to collect in-field information such as crop-scouting, soil sampling, boundaries and more.

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