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Technical Support

Precision farming is continually changing; consequently, it’s important to stay tuned in to the newest updates and technologies. We make it our goal to help you keep up so you can squeeze the most value out of your investment in precision equipment. Visit our Knowledgebase for product information including product manuals and downloads. Additionally, we offer a variety of training and resources available including video tutorials, dealer-hosted local trainings, webinars and more. Have a question on a current Ag Leader product? You’re always welcome to call and talk to someone in our Ames, Iowa, headquarters. If you need an answer for legacy products, feel free to use our online resources, or email support. Updates have been made to our customer support policy. Learn more here.

Online Resources

  • Knowledgebase - Resources for both hardware and software - available in several languages - including product manuals, quick start guides, and troubleshooting FAQs.
  • Display Video Tutorials - Watch these quick tutorials on our YouTube channel to learn how to use your Ag Leader display.
  • SMS Video Tutorials - Watch these short tutorials on our YouTube channel to learn key functionality of the SMS products.
  • SMS Discussion Forum - Participate in free online discussions about all of our SMS products with both Ag Leader staff and other SMS users.

Contact Support

Technical Support

Phone: 515-735-7000

Monday - Friday
8am to 5pm CDT

International Support 

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Phone: +31 24 3434134

Asia Pacific

Phone: +61 882 609 800

Latin America

Phone: +55 41 98142949