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A planter solution for every farm

by Feb 19, 2021Blog, Featured, SeedCommand®

Spring planting season in the Midwest is only a few months away. As we get closer to that go date, you likely are thinking through ways you can improve your performance from last year. Planter technology is one of the smartest investments you can make. But with several options, which one is right for you and your farm? At Ag Leader, we offer four solutions that can help improve your existing planter.

Here is a breakdown of our offerings.

SureSpeed® – High Speed Meter and Delivery System

The newest product to our SeedCommand line-up is SureSpeed. We tout this product for its strong emphasis on making accuracy a priority with the added bonus of speed. You can plant at speeds up to 12 mph (19.3 kph) while still ensuring 99% singulation. That’s because the seed is delivered to the seedbed at the lowest point in the industry, eliminating the potential for it to move or bounce and giving it the best possible spacing quality.


SureForce® – Planter Hydraulic Downforce with Uplift

SureForce offers up to 250 pounds of uplift and 650 pounds of downforce allowing the system to instantly respond to changing conditions by adjusting pressure to give each row each the exact pressure needed to plant at ideal depth. SureForce replaces manual springs or airbags that have a up to 20 seconds of delay in response. The added bonus, this system instantly provides the necessary downforce to maintain depth in no-till conditions and varying soil types, through heavy residue, and in compacted areas.

SureDrive® – Electric Drives for Your Meter

SureDrive electric drives mount right up to the planter and meter you already have. SureDrive shuts off your meter for point rows or already planted areas, saving you seed. It can bump up or down your population rate with the press of a button, or plant via prescription. Additionally, the turn compensation feature adjusts the proper seed rate across the planter in sweeping turns by speeding up outside rows and slowing down inside rows.

SureStop® – Clutch Controlled System

The SureStop clutch control system is one of Ag Leader’s most affordable planting products and can yield years and years of returns and reliable service. SureStop electric row clutches turn planter sections on/off row-by-row using low-maintenance, easy-to-install automatic row shutoffs. With today’s expensive seed corn, saving seed in point rows, overlap and headlands can amount to some serious savings – in a very short time!

The best part about these four offerings is they can all be controlled by our InCommand® displays. If you’re ready to upgrade your planter without having to trade it in, we have a planting option for you.

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