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Advanced Seed Monitoring saves you money in the field

by May 1, 2012SeedCommand®

Advanced Seed Monitoring (ASM) is one of many Ag Leader products that allows growers to save money in the field. Seed isn't cheap, and if you're not controlling where and how much you plant, you're probably losing money.

We have been receiving many inquiries about the features of ASM this year so I thought I’d go over what you can expect to see. ASM was introduced last spring on the Ag Leader® Integra display V 2.0 and is still only available on the Ag Leader Integra display/STMM combo, where it is a standard feature.


SeedCommand offers complete planter monitoring functions, eliminating the need for an additional planter monitor.


ASM allows growers to monitor singulation, spacing quality in corn, skips, doubles and view a virtual seed trench which simulates every seed seen by the seed tube sensor.

We can easily toggle between the bar graph of spacing quality across the planter from the run screen or the singulation history and virtual seed trench from the planter performance screen.