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Ag Leader Announces OnTrac3™ Assisted Steering System

by Aug 1, 2014News & Announcements

Ag Leader Announces OnTrac3™ Assisted Steering System

AMES, IOWA, August 1, 2014 – Ag Leader Technology today introduced its latest assisted steering system: OnTrac3. The newly designed OnTrac3 represents the
next generation of the company’s assisted steering system and features a number of improvements to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and the Mechanical Drive Unit (MDU).

A key update to Ag Leader’s assisted steering platform is the addition of an auto-calibration procedure. Through auto-calibration, OnTrac3 provides a simple and streamlined approach to vehicle tuning and calibration.

“With OnTrac3, users will see benefits from the upgrades within the ECU,” says Matt Pifkin, Steering Product Specialist. “Steering performance is better than ever with the implementation of nine-axis terrain compensation and an internal compass, both of which are new additions to Ag Leader’s assisted steering products.”

OnTrac3 also offers updates in the new Mechanical Drive Unit. “Building on the improvements to the ECU, we’ve implemented upgrades into the new MDU,” continues Pifkin. “The brushless, clutchless motor offers more torque for increased power and quicker response for faster steering, as well as quieter operation.” Additionally, added operator convenience comes in the form of LED diagnostic lights integrated into the MDU for at-a-glance system monitoring.

“We’ve taken what was a great product, in the OnTrac2+™, and improved it in virtually every way it operates,” concludes Pifkin. “OnTrac3 is really a great step forward for customers seeking an assisted steering system.” 

OnTrac3 is available for order beginning August 4, 2014.