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Ag Leader Brings New Features to DirectCommand™  Application Management

by Jul 16, 2014News & Announcements

Ag Leader Brings New Features to DirectCommand Application Management

AMES, IOWA, July 16, 2014 – Ag Leader Technology has announced the addition of new features to its DirectCommand™ application management system. This update is part of a recent firmware upgrade – version 5.4 – to the Ag Leader® Integra and Versa™ displays.

Among the new features with the 5.4 firmware is Product Templates. Product Templates are a significant improvement to product mix/blend functionality, providing easy and accurate documentation of product placement from field to field throughout the day.

“Product Templates allow operators to create collections of products that are typically used on specific crops at different times of the year. Contents of a specific mix are set by simply checking and unchecking boxes,” says Jay Rauk, DirectCommand Product Specialist. “Product Templates can also be copied and adjusted for situations when slight variations of a mix are required. The Product Template is really about streamlining the steps required to accurately document applied products.”

Additionally, a mix calculator is included with the Product Template feature. The mix calculator provides operators the ability to enter the required amount to finish a field, and the display will then provide a list of each product and the amount to add to the tank.

Another key function in 5.4 is the ability to use a reference map for AutoSwath™ section control for planting and application configurations. A reference map is a coverage map created within the display.

“Using reference maps for AutoSwath allows the operator to change a product part of the way through completing a field without losing their AutoSwath ability,” says Rick DeVore, DirectCommand Product Specialist. “A common practice is for an operator to apply one product, or product mix, around the headland of the field, and use a second product or mix for the remainder. Now an operator can load the first product’s reference map to maintain their AutoSwath ability when they switch to the second product.”

Continues DeVore, “Operators now also gain the ability to choose which product channels to apply the reference map to. For example, the operator of a three-bin spinner spreader machine could use a reference map for AutoSwath on one or all of their product bins.”

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