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See What’s New In InCommand v5.5

by Aug 19, 2020Ag Leader, Displays, Featured

We’ve been busy here at Ag Leader bringing you updates and new features to our products for the season ahead. We have new InCommand display firmware to share.

InCommand Version 5.5

CartAce Simplifies Unloading On-the-go

Ag Leader is excited to offer the full production release of CartACE in the version 5.5 firmware update.

  • CartACE automatically generates a guidance line between combines and grain carts so operators can focus on filling the grain cart with no sweat!
  • An optional Grain Tank Reset Sensor counts up based on the flow sensor to give an indication of how much grain is in the grain tank.
  • When used with DisplayCast, the counter is shared with the grain cart display(s) as well as AgFiniti Mobile devices.
Guidance Enhancements

Version 5.5 also brings new features to guidance operation and performance.

  • Path smoothing options for SmartPath and FollowPath lines
  • Added ability to cycle backwards through pattern groups
  • Remark A function now in one button press
ISOBUS Enhancements

InCommand ISOBUS additional enhancements include improvements to product control mapping and operation.

  • Task Controller mapping support for machines that apply multiple products across the same boom or sections.
  • Task Controller support for ECUs that can be controlled with different unit types (e.g. seeds/ac or seeds lbs/ac).
  • Load ‘N Go now populates connection type and offset info from the implement for easier setup and more accurate settings.
  • ISOBUS mapping improvements for ECUs where the device work state is shut off before the section delays expire before sections.

Download InCommand version 5.5 today!

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