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Ag Leader Builds AgFiniti with Tools to Connect the Operation and Aid in Decision Making on the Go

by Apr 22, 2019Ag Leader News, AgFiniti®, News & Announcements

AgFiniti® Adds Live Field Information and Activity Tracking, Plus Prescription and Analytics Tools and Expanded Compatibility Across Mobile Devices

AMES, Iowa, April 22, 2019 – In 2019, Ag Leader has introduced several new tools to its full-farm connectivity platform, AgFiniti. These tools are aimed at connecting the entire operation, making it possible for all people, displays and devices to have access to the right information at the right time, boosting productivity while adding confidence to the many decisions made every day.

“We’re taking a unique approach to data within the farming operation. For Ag Leader, it’s always been about empowering the grower with

technology to not only collect valuable information but seamlessly provide the right pieces of information to help them make decisions in real-time,” said Corey Weddle, Director of Software Solutions. “Today, we’re taking that one step further and flowing information throughout the operation so that everyone is in sync.”

New 2019 AgFiniti Features Include:

Live Mapping From Display to iPad 

Live field activity, including maps and summary information automatically stream to connected iPads using the AgFiniti Mobile app. This level of data visibility keeps growers from wondering what’s happening in the operation, from driving to from field to field, or from waiting until the end of the day to assess progress. Ultimately, it allows members of the operation, including those offsite, to stay tuned into progress and keep the operation running smoothly.

Prescriptions On The Go

AgFiniti now offers tools to quickly and easily generate a prescription from anywhere using data stored in AgFiniti. Prescriptions can be generated using pre-defined university recommendations, or from grower-defined inputs for planting, seeding and application.

Multi-Year Yield Map

Average and normalized yield maps showing yield trends over multiple years can now be generated in AgFiniti for all purchased fields. Multi-year analysis maps are automatically updated as new grain harvest data is available. These maps can be used as an input to build prescriptions, or for analysis driving farm management decisions.

New AgFiniti App for Android and iOS

To give growers an easier way to access all the features of AgFiniti, Ag Leader developed a new AgFiniti App, providing accessibility to all devices, including iOS and Android phones and tablets. The AgFiniti App is a free download from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

“As we expand AgFiniti, we are giving growers and advisors meaningful pieces of information at the moment it’s needed and making it accessible in a way that requires little effort on their part,” Weddle said. “We know that many growers continue to struggle with how and what to do with their data, so we’re putting a tremendous focus on connecting the operation. Where other platforms may overwhelm, add more to do, or cause confusion, we’re trying to simplify.”

To learn more about AgFiniti, visit or talk to a local Ag Leader dealer.

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