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Ag Leader Expands Full-Farm Data Solution by Connecting Operations Running Mixed Fleets

by Feb 10, 2021AgFiniti®, Displays, Featured, News & Announcements

AMES, Iowa, February, 9, 2021 – Ag Leader has made it even easier for growers to access all their maps and information in its full-farm connectivity platform, AgFiniti. AgFiniti has been known to Ag Leader users as the way to gain insights into the operation through sharing information and maps between connected devices and InCommand displays. 

Now, when AgFiniti users connect to John Deere® Operations Center and Climate FieldView™, not only can they share files from these different systems with their trusted advisors, but they can also automatically view maps and reports without needing to use SMS™ desktop software. This allows those running a mixed fleet to have a central place for working with farm data, maps and reports from anywhere on any device.

“We know there are growers who run multiple data platforms and different brands of equipment with various in-cab displays,” said Corey Weddle, Director of Software Solutions at Ag Leader. “Giving users the option to connect to Operations Center and FieldView allow them to use AgFiniti as the central hub to access all the data from across their operation, regardless of where the data originated from.”

Weddle explains that this is just another step towards Ag Leader’s goal of continuing to be a simple, versatile and colorblind solution for growers. AgFiniti’s connections with other cloud platforms will continue to grow.

“Ag Leader wants to empower growers with technology to not only collect valuable information but seamlessly provide the right pieces of information to help them make decisions in real-time. We realize that means helping them access data from other platforms and allowing them to analyze all their data together to make the most informed decisions.”

Additionally, user can now do more data management than ever directly from AgFiniti, including editing grower, farm and field names. Fields can now also be reassigned to different growers and farms. These changes sync to SMS, allowing for more in-depth editing, creation and analysis of your data.

“When growers are on the go in the heat of the season, it’s easy to make a mistake when typing a field name or entering other information,” Weddle explained. “AgFiniti will now allow users to edit that information directly from their phone or other connected device. And this is just the start, with more editing tools coming.”

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