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Ag Leader guidance systems featured in Better Farming magazine

by Dec 1, 2023Ag Leader, Blog, Guidance & Steering

In the December 2023 issue of Better Farming, editor Emily Croft outlines how guidance systems have become commonplace on Ontario farms as precision ag technologies grow in popularity.

The article, Choosing a Guidance System, features Ben Vaarkamp, GPS specialist at O’Neil’s Farm Equipment in Binbrook, Ontario. The dealership is one of Ag Leader’s premier Blue Delta dealers. The Blue Delta network is designed to help precision farming dealers become well-rounded precision farming experts.

Vaarkamp not only talks about the benefits of Ag Leader’s SteadySteer® and SteerCommand® Z2, but he also says new tools offered with guidance systems like, “TurnPath looks to be a very promising feature for steering assistance.”

Launched in November 2023, TurnPath  provides hands-free steering for automatic, repeatable end-of-row turns. This feature reduces the steps a grower must take when approaching a headland maximizing his time in the field.

As Croft’s article points out, selecting the right guidance system comes down to the goals a grower has for his operation. A key factor in that decision, Vaarkamp points out, is service after the sale.

“If you can’t get support for your system, it’s not even worth looking down that road,” he says in the article. “This is where Ag Leader shines.

Vaarkamp says talking to your local Ag Leader dealer is a good way to ensure you get the system, and the support, that best meets all your goals.

You can read the full article by clicking here. •