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Ag Leader Puts YOU in Control of Your Data

by Mar 4, 2020AgFiniti®, Featured

Sometimes the world of “big data” gets a bad rap. Especially when it comes to data privacy. Some companies in the spotlight recently haven’t done themselves any favors by not being completely transparent, having confusing terms of use, and accessing parts and pieces of your personal information you didn’t realize. (*cough* Alexa is listening *cough*)

In today’s climate, many farmers are concerned about companies using files stored, prescriptions created and other farm data that is in the cloud for analysis of their operation which can then be used against them when it’s time to make a purchase decision. These are valid concerns and beg the questions: Should I ditch the cloud? Or how do I KNOW my farm data is really ‘safe’?

Why the cloud?

There are many benefits to cloud-based services on the farm. For some, there are obvious advantages such as connectivity and accessibility of storage the cloud can provide. Having access to your farm data anytime right from your phone, or connecting all of your displays across your operation so each one has all the latest maps and info are good examples. If you’re working with trusted advisors, like an agronomist, to generate custom prescriptions, it’s helpful to have it sent right to your in-cab display. For this kind of connectivity across your farm a cloud-based platform, like AgFiniti, is a perfect fit.

How do you know my data is safe?

Read the terms of use and privacy policies. We’ve always been transparent about our data privacy policy and terms of use. To summarize, the grower owns the data, period. And if legal jargon isn’t your favorite thing (though we strongly suggest you read), think about this: Ag Leader is a family-owned, independent company that solely specializes in precision ag tools. The reason that is important for you is because we have no ulterior motives or uses for your data. We don’t sell seed or chemical. We’re not trying to lease your ground. We’re simply trying to improve the lives of farmers by providing tools that empower them to make smart farming decisions. If you want to share your data with third-parties, we’ll try to make that as easy as possible for you, but if you don’t, your data is private. The bottom line is you’re always in control.

What if I’m not ready for the cloud?

Let’s face it, cloud-based platforms aren’t for everyone. If that’s you, SMS Software can help you analyze data collected from just about any brand of display on your farm. While it has the ability to be connected to AgFiniti (which can help you share with your trusted advisors), you can choose for your data to ONLY live on your desktop.

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