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Ag Media Summit Offers Opportunities to Share the Precision Ag Story

by Jul 18, 2011Ag Leader

So often we talk about the “latest and greatest” in precision agriculture – and rightfully so. An exciting industry such as precision ag has a lot of “latest and greatest” to talk about! But sometimes, taking a moment to reflect on how things came about can provide an interesting perspective as well. This perspective will be the focus of Ag Leader’s presence at the 2011 Ag Media Summit held July 23-27 in New Orleans, LA. Ag Media Summit is an annual gathering of crop and livestock publication professionals. The meeting's purpose is to provide professional development and networking opportunities for organization members and others in the ag industry, promote and enhance the viability of ag media, and showcase the ag media industry (


Ag Leader Technology attended our first Ag Media Summit in 2008 to position Ag Leader as an expert source for all things precision ag. We introduced our “Mission: Precision” theme, challenging editors with secret codes and ultimately supplying them with our “mission details.” We’ve continued on this theme each year, introducing new missions and stories each year. This year, we will wrap up the “Mission: Precision” theme with “Mission: Precision ORIGINS”, going back to where it all began.  

Ag Leader values our time at Ag Media Summit, and we use this opportunity to build relationships with these key influencers and connect editors with Ag Leader product managers, dealers, sales professionals and customers to provide insight for stories. This year’s theme will focus on the history – of precision agriculture, of Ag Leader and of the precision ag dealer.

All of these tie together to tell a story of the evolving precision agriculture industry, answering the questions of how we have grown to where we are today and starting a conversation about what the future may hold. We’re excited to once again have the opportunity to share our story and expertise with the editors of Ag Media Summit. 

But before we go, we ask of you – what are your agriculture ORIGINS?