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AgFiniti Remote Support Saves Time in the Field

by Apr 29, 2020AgFiniti®, Featured, Uncategorized

As Midwest farmers begin planting, using some of the features AgFiniti has to offer can keep your customers, or even your own operation, up and running. The same even goes for Ag Leader’s own employees, like myself. I’m Andrew Jungers, a Training Specialist at Ag Leader. Outside of my role at Ag Leader, I stay active on my family farm located in Northwest Iowa. We have found that the Remote Support feature in AgFiniti can be a vital tool.

phone and iPad remote support

Adding Remote Support to our operation was an easy decision since internet in the cab is already being utilized to get NTRIP RTK corrections for autosteer. The InCommand1200 in the tractor is set up so that I can log in and view the display at any time, without any prompts from the operator (a.k.a my dad). Being able to view the display at any time helps in a variety of ways.

  • I like to check in to make sure everything is working. If there are any minor performance issues my dad may have missed, I can catch those and let him know before too many acres are covered.
  • The operator in the cab will know any time someone is viewing their display. When I start remote viewing, this usually prompts my dad to call and ask, “Is everything is looking OK?” This also provides me the opportunity to ask about anything else on the planter, or just have a general discussion.
  • Even when I am away from a computer or laptop, I can use the AgFiniti app on my smartphone to remote view the display at any time.
  • Then there’s the obvious benefit of troubleshooting. Whenever my dad calls with an issue, the first thing I do is login to AgFiniti for Remote Support. Using Remote Support just about always cuts down on the troubleshooting time, and even navigating the display.


Fortunately so far this season, we’ve only had to use Remote Support for planter setup, checking in, and needing to adjust Hydraulic Down Force settings for some compacted ground.

As you can see, the Remote Support feature not only provides aid in troubleshooting scenarios but can keep both parties informed and communication lines open. Contact a dealer to learn more about AgFiniti and Remote Support or try AgFiniti free for 90 days!

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