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AgFiniti® Remote Support enhancement takes in-field support to next level

by Feb 20, 2024AgFiniti®, Blog, Displays, Featured

Are you ready to take in-field support to the next level? Ag Leader has enhanced AgFiniti® Remote Support, so users can now remotely control an InCommand® display for added assistance with calibration, equipment set up, troubleshooting, and more.

Planting is just around the corner, so maximizing everyone’s time in the field is essential. Before now, farm managers, dealers, and service technicians could use AgFiniti Remote Support to view the display from anywhere in real time, so they could see what the display operator sees. While this may resolve an issue faster and reduce downtime, there are still instances when trying to follow instructions over the phone can be time consuming and frustrating. 

“When he has exhausted all the things he thought would work, the dealer must make a trip to the field to get the farmer up and running. However, that field could be an hour away for what turns out to be a two-minute fix,” says Luke James, Dealer Success Manager at Ag Leader.

Rethinking on-farm support, management 

In AgFiniti Remote Support, dealers can now gain control, so farmers have an even better customer experience. Once a farmer grants access, he can clearly see where the dealer is clicking. As part of the built-in safeguards, steering cannot be engaged, and the farmer can stop a session at any time.  

“Think of how much more efficient and impactful this will be,” James says. “A dealer cannot only view what the farmer is seeing, but he can also navigate through the display, press buttons, or check settings to resolve an issue.”

The new feature also allows farm managers to better monitor and manage multiple field operations without having to travel to every field. 

Remote Support can be used on any device including a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Being connected through AgFiniti provides farmers with many helpful features, like Remote Support. Farmers can try AgFiniti for free by setting up an account at The AgFiniti account viewing or controlling the InCommand display must have an AgFiniti Essentials License. The new control feature is included at no extra cost with your license.

“Ag Leader is unmatched in the industry for customer service and support. We continue to look for ways to improve overall customer satisfaction and user confidence in technology,” James says. “Allowing a farm manager, dealer, or support technician to view, and now take control of, a display from any location in real-time are major steps toward that goal.”


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