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Agronomically Speaking: The Video Series

by Jul 10, 2018Ag Leader, Agronomically Speaking

As many of you might have already noticed, Ag Leader has started a new agronomy video series to coincide with our blog, Agronomically Speaking, featuring precision technology agronomists, Barry Anderson and Chad Swindoll. In this series, the duo gets down and dirty to talk about all things agronomy, especially our Tech Trials in Ames, and throughout the country.

Agronomically Speaking features Ag Leader agronomists’ tips, tricks and stories about what they’ve been witnessing out in the fields across the nation, as well as an introduction to some of the studies Ag Leader has been performing in the Tech Trials. Through these studies, our agronomists take a closer look at some of the different factors that can play a role in your crop’s yield potential throughout the growing season, such as emergence and plant spacing.

Agronomically Speaking is a great way for growers and Ag Leader enthusiasts to stay connected and up to date on all of the latest in crop production throughout any season, whether its prepping, planting, applying, growing, or harvesting.

Let Ag Leader help you learn more about what’s happening in your field, as well as ours, and get in the know when you grow. Check out the Agronomically Speaking video series on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.