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Celebrating 20 Years of Software Evolution with SMS!

by Jan 6, 2021Featured, SMS™ Software, Value of Data

For 20 years, our SMS Software has made farm management decision making easier. With data gathered from planting to harvest, all of the information you need to make profitable decisions and manage your field data is right at your fingertipsEvery year, SMS continues to become more informative and accessible. However, lets look back on some major milestones that make this tool worth celebrating! 

2000- SMS Software is Launched

Ag Leader revealed a user-friendly mapping and management software solution with Spatial Management System (SMS™) 1.0. From its inception SMS could turn field information into a powerful decision-making tool by managing, viewing and editing precision farming data.

2003- SMS Advanced Arrives

SMS Advanced mapping software took precision farming data analysis to the next level. SMS Advanced coupled the usability of SMS Basic with more powerful analysis and planning tools that helped manage operations’ agronomic information. 

2007– SMS Goes Mobile 

Ag Leader announced SMS™ Mobile software launched on the Field PC. It was built specifically for field use and allowed growers to soil sample, create boundaries and more. It also allowed users the first steps towards taking data with them for easy access. 

2013- Take Your Data Anywhere with SMS and AgFiniti 

Although the introduction of AgFiniti meant the sunset of the Mesa Rugged Notepad, the mobile tablet took its placeAt launch, AgFiniti allowed you to take data anywhere on any internet connected deviceYou no longer had to wait to be in the office to answer important questions like: how did that field yield, what hybrid was planted there, how long ago did I spray that field, where did I plant that trial? SMS users could access their data in AgFiniti by simply paying for SMS software maintenance. 

See how simple exporting data from SMS Software to AgFiniti can be, here.

New features are being added multiple times a year!  

SMS and AgFiniti are still key products for Ag Leader today! The SMS team releases software updates multiple times each year. Those releases contain features that keep the software at the forefront of its field with tools other software platforms just don’t offer. Some tools that have been added in updates include zone-based analysisprescription buildingcomparison chartslayering maps, batch editing and much, much more.  

One of the biggest features of SMS Software is the ability to read almost any file that is logged or created in precision ag. With each release SMS is updated to improve its file compatibility. This allows the system to read most display formats on farms today, including data from Deere, CNH, Climate and Precision Planting, and of course Ag Leader current and legacy displays. In addition, SMS can import shapefile, text, and imagery filesSMS can also import and export content for third-party displays. Another example of how Ag Leader is constantly making it easier for farmers to make informed management decisions.  

More to Come! 

What’s next for AgFiniti and SMS Software? The next exciting announcement is coming in 2021! 20 years down, many more releases, features and functions to go. Join us for the next 20 years of innovation! Find your local Ag Leader dealer !