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New Versions of SMS Software and AgFiniti now available

by Aug 19, 2020Ag Leader, AgFiniti®, SMS™ Software

We’ve been busy here at Ag Leader bringing you updates and new features to our products for the fall season ahead. We have new InCommand display firmware, new SMS Software and AgFiniti versions to share.

SMS Software Version 20.5 and AgFiniti

Version 20.5 Marks 20 Years of SMS

Did you know the first version of SMS was released in the summer of 2000? SMS has been the trusted data platform for 20 years and now paired with AgFiniti continues to be the most versatile data platform aiding growers and their trusted advisors to leverage the power of their data.


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Connect SMS to Climate FieldView™

Using the power of AgFiniti, you now have a more seamless way of getting your data into SMS for analysis and decision-making through the ability to connect to other third-party platforms. The ability to seamlessly move data from John Deere Operation Center to SMS was released earlier this year. Now, farmers with FieldView Drive or Precision Planting 20/20 data can leverage this functionality and flow data from their FieldView account to their AgFiniti and SMS account. No more bringing files in using a USB or manually downloading files, let the power of connectivity through AgFiniti work for you!


Management Zone Creation

SMS Basic and Advanced users now have a collection of new tools to make it easier to make management zones. This aids in managing areas of the farm that are more or less productive, which can help you drive toward a better ROI for each unique field.

The new Zone Based Analysis tool in SMS Advanced simplifies the process further by allowing you to quickly and easily create zones for multiple fields at once using an automated process.

Contour Guidance Lines Creation

SMS Advanced users gain new tools for creating curved guidance lines that follow the contour of the field:

  • Reduce erosion on fields that have a rolling landscape
  • Create levees useful for rice production other flood irrigation crops

See full version 20.5 release notes and download here.




A new version of AgFiniti Cloud and Mobile are available. 

See full AgFiniti release notes here.

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