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GeoSteer® Fills a Void in the AutoSteering Market

by Nov 28, 2012Guidance & Steering

The new GeoSteer steering solution from Ag Leader has hit the market. Numerous systems have been installed and are currently in use. Many popular machines are currently supported with many more to be available before Spring 2013. Those of you who are familiar with the ParaDyme steering system will notice many similarities.

{image1}The hydraulic components, as well as the user interface are the same between the two systems. This will help relieve the learning curve, both for the installer and the end user. The obvious difference is the GPS antenna that sits atop the machine. GeoSteer utilizes a single GPS antenna, whereas the ParaDyme has two antennas. The GeoSteer system consists of two major parts. The first is the GeoDock Pro, which contains the GPS antenna, cellular antenna, and optional OmniSTAR or RTK hardware.

The second item is the GeoSteer Controller Unit, or GCU. This unit houses a variety of important components such as the GPS receiver, cellular modem, terrain sensors and the steering controller. 


Ag Leader offers kits that are custom designed for a variety of machines. These custom kits contain cables to attach to the necessary steering components, an attachment plate for the GeoDock Pro, and a mounting bracket for the GCU. This mounting bracket for the GCU is a very important component. To achieve the highest quality performance from a steering system, there must be very tight tolerances for the machine sensors. The GCU, which houses some of these sensors, is no exception. Ag Leader has done the leg work of determining these measurements. They are default selected for each machine’s specific bracket. If you wish to utilize this handy feature, the supplied mounting bracket must be used in the manner set forth in the installation instructions.  If the suggested mounting location cannot be used, the GCU can be mounted elsewhere, but must be done in a manner such that the GCU is square with the machine chassis. Allowable tolerance is only +/- 2 degrees. Without this tight tolerance, steering performance would suffer.

Logan Handsaker of Heartland Co-op has installed several GeoSteer Systems since their release, and has this to say about his experience:

“Experience with the GeoSteer has been nothing but pleasurable. Installation, calibration and on into the performance have all been as easy as or easier than the other products I have installed. It is really nice not having to drill holes in fenders and through floors to mount this system. The Auto Calibration feature has been great. I have yet to tune a vehicle because the auto calibration does such a great job. This feature also removes the possibility for human error, which is certainly a stress taken off the installer. Not only is steering performance excellent, the options for remote engage are better. It’s nice to have a system that is immediate to engage or disengage rather than having to hold a button for a length of time to achieve this. I have machines running anywhere from 1.5 mph to 10 mph and performance has been flawless.  With the amount of dealer and customer confidence we have in this product, I expect sales to dramatically increase. This product definitely fills a previous void in the auto steer market.”

The GeoSteer system was introduced with the intent on filling a void that previously existed between the Ontrac2+ assisted steering solution and the integrated ParaDyme steering solution. The GeoSteer is living up to its expectation, and leaving many happy customers in its wake.

As with all products, Ag Leader has a large support staff ready to answer any questions you may have about the GeoSteer system. Support can be reached 7:00am to 6:00pm CST Monday through Friday. 515-232-5363.