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Get your data into SMS today!

by Nov 26, 2014Ag Leader, SMS™ Software

Now that harvest is winding down for the majority of us, it will be important to get your valuable data read into SMS.  Luckily, the import process in SMS will be the same no matter what kind of display you currently use.  By using the tools present within SMS, you can create maps, queries and charts.  Also your maps and SMS tools will help to determine what management decisions had a positive or negative effect and allow you to start planning for next year’s growing season.

The tutorial below will cover both importing display files as well as creating maps of that imported data.

If you are utilizing generic file types, please reference this tutorial as is covers the generic import process.

In both tutorials you will see that mapping your data is very similar.  Simply click on the branch in your management tree you wish to view and click Create New Map.  It’s that simple!  You can even add additional layers by clicking on other branches and clicking on Add to Current Map.  This process will add what you have chosen to the current layer.  This will allow you to compare fields to one another, utilize the query tools as well as print multiple layers.

Below are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when reading in data.

• Make sure to copy all logged data off of your field display in order to ensure all recorded information is present when imported.

• Note the drive letter your card is in as this will make it easier to import your data.

• If you are reading in a large amount of data, be patient as the software processes in the information, you may not see activity on the screen but the software is still working.

• Adjust your computers power settings and set it to not go to sleep in order to ensure proper importing.

• If using a laptop, make sure you have plenty of battery charge left or plug in to ensure proper importing.

• Lastly, it is recommended that you create a backup once your data has been imported, this will ensure that your data is protected.

Successfully importing your data will be the first step in ensuring we can maximize the value of our logged information.  Once present, the data will allow you the use to various tools present in both SMS Basic and Advanced to further analyze your data and prepare for next season.