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Got the spray-boom blues? Cheer up, grump!

by Jun 2, 2021Ag Leader, Agronomy, DirectCommand®, Featured

Even when times are good, it’s still not easy being a farmer. Sure, we don’t have to hoe by hand or plow with horses. Modern farming has eliminated some of the actual sweat from the job. But being a farmer today means sweating the details. The success or failure of a modern farm depends on a multitude of factors that make up a complex, dynamic equation. There’s math, biology, finance, marketing, public relations, legal, human resources, ethics, chemistry, and more. The modern farmer must be a clever, detail-oriented jack of all trades. And there’s no better example of this need than when examining crop protection.  





Ag Leader DirectCommand is built to help you execute at a high levelIt’s built to improve your accuracy and productivity. We’ve got you covered with everything from eliminating skips and overlap to precise flow control and droplet size monitoring. And it’s simple to operate through the most user-friendly displays on the market. 

Controlling the various pests that threaten your crop is a complex task. It can be a real challenge when considering all you’re up against. Timing, chemistry, genetics, logistics, regulation, reputation, and the list goes on. A misplaced decimal point or a small miscommunication could cost you big time. So, when it comes time to spray your fields, don’t rush or overlook the details. Prepare and execute your plan with discipline.  

The Devil Is In the Details — SmartReports 

You could do everything perfectly, execute your plan at a high level – and have a clean, healthy crop in the field at the end of this spraying season. But if you forget the final detail, you could still find yourself in hot water. If the USDA comes knocking, be prepared with detailed application records. Just like the other details, it doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating. This is what is required: 


The industry-leading InCommand 1200 display generates something called a “Smart Report” that automatically documents all of the required information for your applications. These reports can easily be sent to the electronic storage location of your choice via USB or AgFiniti. And since they’re saved as a common .pdf file, you can print and save paper copies if that’s your preferred method. Worried you’re not up-to-date enough for this feature? Fear not, our legacy Integra and InSight displays also generate Smart Reports. 

Like every year, there’s a lot on the line during #spray21. With the right tools for the job and an eye for detail, you can have your best year yet. 

AgFiniti connects everyone on your operation. 

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