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Introducing BoomLoop™, a complete recirculation solution for sprayers

by Dec 12, 2023Ag Leader, Blog, Displays, Featured, Guidance & Steering

Ames, Iowa – December 12, 2023. Ag Leader is introducing BoomLoop™, an upgrade for sprayers equipped with the RightSpot™ nozzle-by-nozzle control system. A complete recirculation solution, BoomLoop is seamlessly integrated into the InCommand® display.


“BoomLoop replaces existing boom ends on the sprayer and creates a streamlined path for product to flow from the ends of the boom and back to the tank, eliminating dead spots and opportunities for product buildup,” says Logan Handsaker, Ag Leader Product Sales Specialist. “In addition, RightSpot and BoomLoop are controlled through the InCommand 1200 display, enabling the operator to manage the sprayer from a single interface in the cab.” 

BoomLoop benefits 

Priming the boom to ensure the proper amount of product reaches each nozzle is time consuming and wasteful. BoomLoop automates the process without spraying any product on the ground.


Priming the boom to ensure the proper amount of product reaches each nozzle is time consuming and wasteful. BoomLoop automates the process without spraying any product on the ground.


“Minimizing chemical waste while ensuring the entire boom is fully primed takes experience. Missing a step or doing a partial job can result in gaps in coverage or risk damaging crops,” Handsaker says. “Our goal was to remove the complexities and potential hazards tied to priming with an automated solution that gives the operator confidence and peace of mind.”


For those who have experience spraying, flushing the sprayer boom to clear the residual product and chemical buildup is a common inconvenience.


“Effectively flushing the boom requires significant time, large volumes of rinse water, and a place to safely dispense the contaminated water when sprayed or dispensed from the boom’s flush valves,” Handsaker says.


The automatic sequencing of the section valves ensures the entire boom is fully primed or flushed even when the boom is folded or not sitting level, which means the contained recirculation process can happen even during transport to save time.


In addition, the recirculation process begins without further input by the operator when activated on the InCommand display. This process can be set to run in a fully automated mode when you are not applying, or it can be manually enabled from the display.

A path to sprayer improvement 

Ag Leader has been providing reliable, user-friendly application solutions since the introduction of DirectCommand® in 2005. We continue to build on that legacy by offering comprehensive, high-performance products designed to address the challenges growers face with application.

Beginning with the DirectCommand L2 liquid application system, growers can utilize automatic boom section control to reduce over application of inputs. From there, growers can easily upgrade to RightSpot, Ag Leader’s nozzle-by-nozzle control system, to maximize spraying efficiency and accuracy. The sprayer can then be equipped with BoomLoop for recirculation.

In addition, Ag Leader’s SteerCommand® Z2 and SteadySteer® can simplify spraying by offering straightforward and functional guidance line features such as automatic boundary guidance, SmartPath®, and TurnPath™. These tools enable the operator to spend less time manually steering the sprayer, so he can focus on other critical tasks to ensure the job is done right. 

All these products are designed to operate together seamlessly through Ag Leader’s year-round InCommand display, which provides industry-leading functionality and visibility in and out of the cab,” Handsaker says.


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