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SmartSTEER: Implement steering that works with Ag Leader

by Mar 7, 2019Guidance & Steering

In this blog, we will highlight the implement steering solution by Homburg Holland that was designed to work with Ag Leader displays, Homburg Holland’s SmartSTEER system has been on the market for roughly a year and a half and provides an easily accessible and dependable solution for Ag Leader customers needing implement steering.

Homburg Holland is a technology company and distributor of many ag brands in Holland. Their company has created, developed and marketed a line of SmartSOLUTIONS – ISOBUS controllers that fit many of their customer’s needs.

We checked in with two Ag Leader dealers who also carry the SmartSteer solution to find out how these systems are performing and what their customers like best: Barry Bewley (BB), of CropIMS in Illinois/Wisconsin and Hauke Heinrich (hereby referred to as HH) of RODEN NACHF, an Ag Leader dealer in Germany.

How has the Homburg Holland solution been working out for your customers?

BB: The Homburg System has worked very well. Our customer base is split between potato growers and corn/soybean growers. The potato growers are especially pleased with the performance. We’ve found the most benefit to potato growers because the steerable axle on the potato planter allows for more movement.

We also have several pleased corn/soybean customers, it’s benefiting them to have implement steering but requires a steerable hitch to get the same level of movement on row crop planters and strip-till applicators.

HH: Systems out there have been working good.

Which parts do you need to source to install the complete system?

A complete SmartSTEER implement steer system requires:
Homburg Holland SmartSTEER controller
Ag Leader display (InCommand®, Ag Leader® Integra, Versa) (UT compatible)
Ag Leader GPS RTK receiver (ParaDyme®, GeoSteer®, GPS 6500, GPS 7500)

Other requirements:
Steerable axle or steerable hitch
Hydraulic valve
Wheel angle sensor

What do your customers seem to like best about the system?

BB: The ease of setup and use, and the fact that it just works. With competing implement steering systems, there is a lot of tuning that needs to be done both in the initial setup and while using it through the season. With the SmartSTEER system, it’s pretty much set it and forget it.

HH: Our customers seem to best like how universal the system is.

SmartSteer implement steering can be purchased at the following dealers and distributors worldwide. Videos of the system in operation, courtesy of CropIMS, can be found here.