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InCommand 1200: A window into your planter, part I

by Feb 21, 2017Displays, SeedCommand®

Everyone knows planting an ideal population is key to ROI and you are losing big money per acre by not hitting your proper population. Several factors come into play to sap spacing quality and singulation but are you readily aware of how your planter is performing? In this blog series, I’ll discuss how InCommand 1200 yields visibility into your planter like nothing else.

With InCommand™ 1200 you now have a window into planter performance, something you didn’t have before.

View row-by-row activity and more on a single display
Split screen: using split screen you can single in to a row for greater resolution, on top of seeing your historical pass-to-pass data.
Easy to visualize problems: be alerted to planter performance issues faster, before it costs you yield. 

Iowa State University Research Farm:

One of the things I like is the ability to see the meter speed on the display. By having this information I can tell if I potentially have one meter that is not performing the way it should compared to the rest of the planter. Just a little extra data as an operator I like to see. With the implementation of autosteer I have plenty of time to turn around and watch the planter and the display.

Data visibility is what the InCommand display is all about. With InCommand you can easily rest assured you’re planting the best you can. 

For part II of this blog, I’ll discuss some specific examples of where InCommand shines in the planting tractor.