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International Perspective

by Mar 31, 2010International Perspectives


While Ag Leader is usually thought of as a North American company, we have been selling into the international market for 16 years and currently have distribution in over 30 countries.  We are fortunate to work with a great group of distributors who represent the Ag Leader brand across the globe.  Some of our distributors have been with us from the beginning and others are new to the Ag Leader family.  Our distributors have helped us bring the benefits of precision ag products to growers around the world, and for this we thank them. The international market for precision agriculture is complex with different farming practices and equipment for each country and region of the world.  It can be a challenge to adapt our products to meet the needs of the farmers in different parts of the world, from fertilizing sugar cane in Brazil to harvesting corn with six-foot row spacing in South Africa.  Needless to say, the challenges keep things interesting for us as we continue to expand our international operations.

Rows of corn are six feet apart.

Through the course of this blog, myself and other staff who work with our overseas customers, will highlight some of the ways growers from around the world are using precision farming equipment and learn a little more about how their farming operations work.  We will also showcase some of our foreign distributors and find out what precision ag practices are relevant to their region. For more information regarding Ag Leader distributors throughout the world, here's a link to our Dealer Locator.  If you have a question about global precision farming practices, drop us a line.