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Live Mapping to Your AgFiniti Mobile App!

by Feb 11, 2019Ag Leader, AgFiniti®

AgFiniti® connects operations by supplying accurate and actionable information to boost machine productivity and drive confident decisions, across displays and connected devices regardless of distance between fields.

Now, the next step in connectivity is here. No more wondering what’s happening throughout the operation or waiting until the end of the day or to drive to the field to see what happened. See it live!

Coming March 2019, InCommand displays running DisplayCast will stream live planting maps to a connected AgFiniti Mobile app.


View live planting information on your iPad. Application and harvest live maps will be added throughout the year!

Why live maps?

  • No manual steps necessary. Maps are automatically streamed to the connected AgFiniti Mobile app showing the day’s activity.
  • Don’t wait until the end of the day to evaluate performance within your operation. See what’s happening in real time and make decisions that can impact your farm.
  • Know immediately if the planter in a different field is performing by seeing live information such as population, skips and doubles, down force info, and much more right from your iPad.
  • Avoid unnecessary down time by confirming everyone within your operation is where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Learn more about what AgFiniti has to offer your operation, or talk to your local precision expert!