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Maintain Your Precision Equipment

by Jul 13, 2015Training & Support

As the spring and application season come to an end, it may be time to put the machinery away for the season and perform that end of the season maintenance. It is also important to perform maintenance on your Ag Leader precision Ag equipment. Below is a list of common do’s and don’ts to help prolong the life of your Ag Leader investment.


  • Clean the display off with non-direct air or with an electronic cleaner using a soft, non-abrasive cloth
  • Remove the display from machine once it is no longer needed and place into a sealed package in a climate-controlled environment
  • Remove the GPS antenna/receiver once it is no longer needed and place in a climate-controlled environment
  • Dock the GPS cabling so that it is not exposed to extreme elements
  • Use provided dummy connectors to protect other precision ag cabling from extreme elements
  • Apply dielectric grease to terminals and contacts as you see fit to prevent excessive corrosion
  • Unhook power supply to precision ag equipment if a major repair is being done on the machine (ex: welding)


  • Expose the display to extreme temperatures over a long period of time
  • Apply direct air to the display or use sharp/blunt objects to clean corners of display
  • Directly spray cleaner on the display
  • Expose the GPS antenna/receiver to a high moisture environment (ex: leaving GPS antenna/receiver on when washing equipment)
  • Weld on equipment with precision ag equipment hooked up to a power source

With these simple maintenance tips, you can feel confident that you are prolonging the life of your Ag Leader investment. For more questions on this topic, please contact support by phone at 515-735-7000 or email at