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Meet The Team: Melissa Povah

by Apr 29, 2019Ag Leader

At Ag Leader, we understand our employees are the heart of our company, and the personalities our customers and dealers interact with every day. Take some time to meet our team. These are the people who make our company great, and help bring cutting-edge precision technology to the marketplace.

Tell us the basics

Hi!!  I’m Melissa Povah and I am part of the Sales and Marketing Team at Ag Leader. I’ve been at Ag Leader coming up on 21 years in May and I live in Boone, Iowa, which is where they’ve held Farm Progress Show every other year in August.


Tell us about your work

My main responsibilities are Sales Coordination for North America and Event Planning. This includes processing orders, forecast entry, sending out Dealer Agreements, planning Dealer and Grower Events in Ames and throughout the US including the four Peer Groups we host three times a year at different locations. I also work with putting items on the company store for the dealers to help us promote our brand in the field. The thing I love about Ag Leader is my co-workers, it feels like we are a family for the most part and when you enjoy working with the people around you every day it’s fun so it doesn’t feel like work. Our dealer network is fantastic so the days just fly by with all the interactions! Every day is different so it keeps me on my toes. My favorite thing I do at Ag Leader is plan and attend the Peer Group meetings. It’s a small core network of dealers that come together to network, problem solve, and more importantly grow their business. It provides insight on their business successes and struggles which helps me to brainstorm in conjunction with what I do on a daily basis to be able to help them and other dealers in the network as well. I truly enjoy and feel fortunate to be a part of it.

Tell us about yourself

In my off time I enjoy working out, golfing, going to sporting events, fishing, listening to live music, & traveling. I have travelled to many places and I have too many to name a favorite but if I had to choose it would be Nashville or anywhere oceanside. My favorite food is enchiladas.

My daughter Taylor is 18, has gotten her CNA license already and is graduating high school next month. She is going onto college to get her RN & BSN starting in the fall locally. My significant other Pete has 3 sons, 16 year old twins and a 9 year old.  We are definitely busy going from one event to the next and the house is never quiet, which is most enjoyable!

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