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Meet the Team: Sam Worley

by Apr 5, 2019Ag Leader

At Ag Leader, we understand our employees are the heart of our company, and the personalities our customers and dealers interact with every day. Take some time to meet our team. These are the people who make our company great, and help bring cutting-edge precision technology to the marketplace.

Tell us the basics

Hi, my name is Sam Worley and I’ve been at Ag Leader for a little over 8 years now. My work currently blurs the lines of the Marketing and Sales departments but I have also worked in Tech Support, Shipping and as the Warehouse Receiver. These past roles held aid me daily with in-depth product knowledge and an understanding of how things operate with our product fulfillment chains.

My hometown is Champaign, Illinois, though I also lived in Longwood, Florida and Decorah, Iowa before starting college in Tempe, Arizona. I finished my degree at Iowa State and have called Ames, Iowa home ever since.

Tell us about your work

My main responsibilities are creating blog content, web product page content, developing dealer, customer communications and fielding sales calls, emails from dealers and customers. I also attend some farm shows and dealer events as needed and work on a committee for internal events. If you’ve ever toured Ag Leader, you may have had me as your tour guide.

As you can gather, I serve the department with product knowledge, communication skills and personal relationships with employees, customers and dealers alike. I like to think of myself as an Ag Leader ambassador with my role! Being hospitable, knowledgeable and in a position to help is the part I like best about my job.

Ag Leader is an organization to be proud to be a part of. We strive to do right by the customer and the industry by being honest, humble and accessible. We are a company of good character, integrity and I enjoy being a part of that.

Tell us about yourself

Outside of my time at Ag Leader, I enjoy spending time with friends and my wife, Katherine.
I also enjoy cycling, camping and working on various household and motorized projects. I love pretty much anything with wheels and they all take work to maintain! Fixing your own issues and solving problems can be very gratifying.

My favorite food is probably pasta, though anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a picky eater!
As far as travel, I’m a bit of a homebody. I enjoy traveling within the Midwest, it has enough variety and excitement for me plus most of my family is here. Camping in Decorah or Cedar Falls are some of my most enjoyable destinations. We are traveling to Norway shortly and that will be my first foray into international travel.

The last book(s) I read were the Rabbit Run series (four titles, published 1960-2001) by John Updike. I would recommend these books because John is a very good writer – descriptive and concise.