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New Features Available in SMS v22.0

Mar 2, 2022Ag Leader, SMS™ Software

Connectivity Just Got Easier in 2022

SMS version 22.0 released on March 2, 2022. The highlights of the release are outlined below.


Wireless file transfer from your Ag Leader display for free

Connect your InCommand, or legacy displays, to AgFiniti and you can upload or download files to your display.  In addition, you can email and share files with your landlord or trusted advisor.

Sync files from your cloud accounts

Whether you are a farmer or a trusted advisor, SMS is the hub for all your precision ag data management needs. Current SMS accounts can now sync with AgFiniti, John Deere® Operation Center and Climate® FieldView. Included with your SMS maintenance, no additional licensing required.

Get your Ag Leader display files to other platforms

Other software platforms that have integrated with the AgFiniti API allow you to sync display files using your AgFiniti account.
Included with your SMS maintenance, no additional licensing required.

Generate Zones from Images

Whether you are looking for a tool to automatically create zones for a field or want to call out areas of interest with our improved selection and grouping tools, we have you covered.
Ideas for analyzing imagery:
  • Using a bare soil image where you can see the color differences in the soil to use as a basis for zone soil testing, or other comparisons.
  • Need to measure crop damage for an area? Take a drone image where the color differences are apparent and easily determine the area for the healthy stand and the poor stand.
SMS Zone Image Updated with 22.0 release

More Financial Tools

  • Dynamic markets and ever-increasing inputs mean you need to take a closer look at your bottom line. Now you can easily see your breakeven costs and other financial stats when you run the Financial or Agronomic Analysis tools (Advanced only).

Expanded support for Cotton and Forage Harvesting

  • Support for additional feed quality information from John Deere® and CLAAS® forage harvesters equipped with near-infrared sensors.
  • Support for reading Cotton Harvest data from John Deere GS4 displays.

Support for 64-bit

  • Ever run out of memory when reading in large files, importing high-resolution imagery, or doing complex analysis? SMS is now able to fully utilize the memory on today’s newer PCs, which allows you to be more productive…and more!