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New Features Available in SMS v23.5

Aug 23, 2023Ag Leader, SMS™ Software

Highlights of SMS Version 23.5:

Utilize satellite imagery to identify health trends within your fields

  • Provide multiple image indexes to monitor crop health throughout the year to help target scouting activities and generate prescriptions from
  • Monitor crop conditions without needing to hire a plane or purchase a drone
  • Compare recent historical growing seasons to identify trends

Worldwide data available back to 2019. Users must be current on their SMS Basic or Advanced Maintenance to utilize feature.

View current and historical weather trends for your fields

Track precipitation, temperature, wind, humidity, growing and stress degree days among other weather information for all your fields!

Leverage this information to create weather-based charts and add to summary and Field Trial reports. Compare current crop weather to previous years to identify trends, going back 15 years*.

  • Customize chart views to show current year data and compare with 5, 10-year averages, or selected years for comparisons
  • Show when your logged field operations, such as planting or spraying, occurred with your weather charts to gauge timing and results

*Available within most growing regions.

Users must be current on their SMS Basic or Advanced Maintenance to utilize feature.

Additional Updates:

Updated file support for:

    • Ag Leader InCommand Displays v8.5
    • ISOXML Files (v4) using the ADAPT ISO plugin
    • Precision Planting Gen3 20/20 displays
    • John Deere GEN4 displays


Reminder: Renew SMS maintenance online

Instantly renew your annual SMS maintenance online using a credit card. Simply login to your AgFiniti account using your SMS login credentials. For your convenience, your annual maintenance will be set to autorenew unless specified.