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Save time and reap rewards in the paddock this harvest with Ag Leader

by Nov 19, 2017Australia, International Perspectives

After a busy growing season – planning, planting and applying – you are ready to reap the rewards at harvest. But why wait to see the results when harvest is completed? Ag Leader can help you be InCommand and gain control of your yield data on the go and will allow you to share that data in real time.


You will be able to see what's happening in real-time as your harvester moves through the field with the most widely used grain yield monitoring technology in the world from Ag Leader. In addition to high-resolution yield mapping, InCommand displays offer unmatched data visibility in the cab and on-the-go with DisplayCast.

When paired with Ag Leader’s AgFiniti Mobile App for iPad, farmers can easily take their yield maps with them at the end of the day or by using Ag Leader’s wireless data transfer services have those same maps available to view on any compatible internet device.

DisplayCast will allow you to share yield data, field coverage maps, guidance lines and tonnage counters in real time with other harvesters in the paddock, chaser bin drivers, and managers logged into the network. In fact you can pull down any data that you have collected, regardless of the machine it is in (even the ones in the shed) directly to the InCommand display, iPad, internet enabled device or even other displays across the entire operation.

Calibration is essential

Preparation time in the lead up to harvest leaves many farmers pressed for time and reducing calibration loads needed to get accurate yield data allows you to be more efficient in the field.

Trustworthy data is invaluable for understanding how the field performed and determining opportunities for future years. Future seasons will benefit from the data you collect this harvest. Accurate yield data is arguably the most important information collected on the farm. Now is the time to know for certain if costly inputs are performing.

By having Ag Leader yield monitoring systems calibrated and ready for harvest, growers will be able to know which practices are the most profitable.

A firmware update to InCommand in 2017 means you only need to complete only one calibration load to collecting industry-leading accurate and actionable yield data.

The luxury of having this information at your fingertips, whether it is on the ground when making decisions or at home when planning is something Ag Leader owners can take for granted.

Who wouldn’t want to test every hectare for profitability when it is this easy?

Come next year you’ll thank yourself for having InCommand on your side to make seed selection decisions or to try some variable rate fertiliser trials based on yield data from multiple years.  The yield maps can also be compared to seeding maps, fertiliser application, elevations maps and other background maps while harvesting, giving you more insight than ever before.

The factors in the paddock that are robbing your yield will be highlighted with this new insight. Ag Leader is driving your operation to be the most efficient it has ever been. The power of data is in your hands.