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5 reasons you need Ag Leader this harvest

by Jul 28, 2023AgFiniti®, Displays, Yield Monitoring

With Ag Leader on your side this harvest season, you don’t have to handle the stress alone. Things are bound to go better when your operation is equipped with solutions that provide confidence and help you keep an eye on what’s happening in the field. Here are five reasons why you need Ag Leader this harvest.

1. Flawless steering is one less thing to worry about.

Being a multi-tasker is a hazard of farm life. Even when things look good from the cab, you likely have 20 other things on your mind — not to mention watching what’s happening on the monitor. Why not let one of our steering solutions take the wheel for you.

SteadySteer is our economical, hands-free assisted steering system paired with a quality GPS receiver that delivers pass-to-pass accuracy to any operation. This powerful system smoothly and quickly locates and maintains the guidance line even in difficult terrain.

SteerCommand Z2 is equipped with nine-axis terrain compensation. It will keep you locked on guidance lines on rolling ground, and around waterways, ditches and terraces.

2. Unloading on-the-go should not be a trust exercise!graphic of the harvest tool

Sometimes the harvest help doesn’t have much experience in the cab. Thanks to CartACE, any grain cart driver can be a skilled operator.

To unload, simply get close to the combine and engage steering. A guidance line is automatically created using the logged combine data allowing the grain cart to steer on the combine path for easier unloading.

3. Full-farm connectivity brings peace of mind.

Ease your worries by glancing at a single screen with AgFiniti. Keep an eye on harvest progress, check live stats, and fleet locations from anywhere, anytime. This kind of data access keeps you informed on what’s happening from your phone, tablet, or desktop, so you don’t have to drive from field to field.

Harvest with agfinitiDo you run one display or more during harvest? AgFiniti’s DisplayCast ensures all the information you need from your InCommand display is available on every InCommand display in your operation when you need it. This means you can be prepared to make critical decisions in the midst of harvest when you have information like guidance lines, coverage, planting, and application maps at your fingertips.
Here’s the best part! Let’s say your planting display is miles away and powered off. With DisplayCast, that valuable data is still accessible from the combine!

4. Unload right on time with a live grain tank counter.

Coordinating the grain cart for unloading on the go is a time game. You want to keep the combine moving to stay efficient, but it’s hit or miss if the grain cart gets there in time. When the combine has to stop and wait for the grain cart, time and money are wasted.

CartACE’s live grain tank counter feature gets drivers the information they need to unload in a timely manner. This feature shares how full the combine grain tank is with connected displays and iPads, so the driver can anticipate when and where the combine will need to empty. With this information, drivers can adjust their routes and speeds in the field to prevent unnecessary delays for the combine. 

5. Employ the most trusted yield monitor.

As the inventors of the on-the-go yield monitor, we’ve been improving this technology since 1992. Thanks to our commitment to meet a farmer’s need for accurate yield data, our yield monitor is one you can trust.

On the InCommand display, you can view yield and moisture maps in real-time for instant feedback on yield performance across the field. This yield monitoring technology has been refined by years of expertise and study of grain flow, providing data with fewer calibration loads and higher yield accuracy.

Don’t go through another harvest without making changes to your technology! Any of these solutions will help you face seasonal challenges as a better farm manager and operator.

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