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New Versions of InCommand Firmware, SMS Software and AgFiniti Available Now

by Mar 2, 2020AgFiniti®, Displays, SMS™ Software, Uncategorized

We’re been busy here at Ag Leader bringing you updates and new features to our products for the spring season ahead. We have new InCommand display firmware, new SMS Software and AgFiniti versions to share.

InCommand Version 5.0

Implement Switch Status on the Run Screen

The implement switch status is crucial to the SeedCommand system operation. Now you can easily see this important piece of information and use it for troubleshooting/adjusting the switch position to ensure operation.


Ag Leader announced TerraStar-X last August and this firmware version will now fully support this newest correction signal. TerraStar-X offers sub-inch repeatable accuracy with only needing a GPS 7500 receiver, an RTK unlock and an annual TerraStar-X subscription.

Download InCommand version 5.0 today!

SMS Software Version 20.0

Connect SMS to Deere Operations Center!

Now connect your Deere Operation Center directly to SMS through AgFiniti to easily access all of your files for analysis. Today, the information only moves one way – from Deere to SMS. In the future, there will be the option to move Deere display files to SMS and back to your display totally wirelessly using AgFiniti. No more bringing files in using a USB, let Ag Leader’s connectivity work for you!


Experimenting with Seed and Input Varaibles?

Looking to test some yield-defining variables this spring? Check out the NEW Field Trial tools in SMS Advanced released in August with some new enhancements in SMS Version 20. Easily allows users to easily place individual trials, making it easier to replicate and manipulate trials as you see fit.

More Options for Installing Tile Mains

Recall that we built in easier options for installing laterals in verison 19.5. Today with version 20.0, SMS Advanced users with the Water Management Module gain new tools for designing mains in a tile plan:

  • Create based on Watershed
  • Create based on selected position
  • Create based on drawn path

Additionally, users now have the option to offset tile mains during the creation process. Using this new tool allows users to draw a tile main in a depression, such as a grassed waterway, and SMS will create mains that run along the edge of the area, rather than in the middle. This helps reduce the size of the main and the potential for grass roots to plug the tile in the future.

See full version 20.0 release notes and download here.

AgFiniti Version 7.0

Increased Storage Limits

Both AgFiniti licenses and SMS accounts saw increased storage capacity with this release. Specifics can be found in the release notes.

See full AgFiniti release notes here.

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