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Simple, Mobile, User-Friendly Base Station Setup

by May 22, 2015Guidance & Steering

The GPS 6500/relay Base Station has the easiest setup to date! Setup no longer requires juggling cables, laptops, serial adapters and serial settings. With the 6500 Base Station all that is needed to connect and configure base station settings is a Wi-Fi connected device with a web browser. That means phones, laptops, and even tablets can be used!

You can locally connect to the GPS 6500/relay Wi-Fi, just like when connecting to a Wi-Fi router at home. Once connected, accessing the Web User Interface (WebUI) is as simple as entering in the browser URL and entering the WebUI password.


Once in the WebUI there are 3 different colors that each section can appear as:

  • Green – system settings for this section are all activated applied and operating
  • Yellow –section is waiting on information or a setting from another section to turn on or be completed.
  • Red – a setting in this section requires some action (i.e.- radio transmit state turned on/correction format selection/ survey started/etc.)

Each section can be expanded to give a clear indication about what is happening with that section’s settings. In the figure below it can be clearly seen that the radio section is red; this is due to corrections not being sent because the Transmitter is in the off positon. Settings adjustments are easily accessed by sliding the section header from left to right.


When each section is displaying green, this would indicate the base is fully operational and ready to provide accurate RTK correction information to any rover set to the same channel or frequency. Now your setup should be ready to guide you off into the sunset.