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SureDrive Turn Compensation

by Mar 5, 2018Agronomically Speaking, SeedCommand®

The inner and outer rows of a planter travel faster or slower than the center of the planter when turning. Seeds planted on interior rows are spaced too closely. Seeds on exterior rows are spaced too far apart.


SureDrive compensates through turns to maintain correct seed spacing by adjusting the speed of the seed meter at each row to preserve yield lost by conventional planters through misplaced seeds.

Previous research has found that for each inch increment in Plant Spacing Variability (PSV) corn yield decreases by 5.1 bushels per acre. Since there was a 1 increment difference in PSV between treatments, this study indicates that on a four-row planter the addition of the Ag Leader turn compensation technology can increase corn yield by 5.1 bushels per acre. This is surprising given that this was just a four-row planter and that the outside rows were not anticipated to be as different as they would have been with a 12-row planter. Growers could be losing significant yield without turn compensation.  – North Carolina State University study


See the full North Carolina State University study here, or learn more about SureDrive here

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