Introducing Ag Leader's electric drive solution, SureDrive®. Of the many features of electric drives, growers gain precise control of planter meter performance to incorporate variable rate planting, turn compensation and row-by-row shut-off.

Your planter. Your meter.

Ready for the planter you already have

True to Ag Leader’s traditional “color-blind” approach, SureDrive is built to install on most major planter brands on the market. Uniquely, the efficient, yet high torque electric drive motor isn’t tied to a specific brand or type of seed meter, including hard pulling finger meters, making it able to optimize the meter and planter you already have.

Maintenance Free

SureDrives' robust, sealed construction is maintenance free for season after season durability and reliability. 

Install SureDrives on your planter and eliminate rusty chains, time intensive air clutches, old harnesses and bearings which constantly cause upkeep and headaches.

Strongest Planter Drive on the Market

What's inside a SureDrive?

Cold, hard, high-grade steel, that's what.

Four cold forged, high-grade steel gears, precision bearings and a drive chain, all submersed in a full synthetic fluid bath. All this makes for a high-quality, maintenance-free electric planter drive that can confidently control hard pulling meters - including finger meters. 

Turn Compensation

Avoid having too many plants on inside rows and too few on outside rows with turn compensation. SureDrives automatically adjust meter speed on each row to keep a consistent population around turns, contours and terraces.

Powerful Meter Control

SureDrive® is an all encompassing solution to optimize your existing meter - even finger meters, allowing for consistent, responsive control

Section Control

Each SureDrive® row also acts as an individual section shut-off, reducing overlap, wasted seed and lodged plants.

Variable Rate

Easy and effectively vary the population across the whole planter with the hyper-responsive electric SureDrive® unit.

I have finger pickup meters, and they ran on the test stand in 2014 right before I planted the crop that year. They have not been run on the test stand since, so the increase in singulation of my planter is purely from eliminating the drive mechanisms and converting to SureDrive. A 2% to 3% increase in singulation was very common, and 98% to 99% singulation covered most of the seed I planted this past spring. - Adam, a limited release participant in Iowa

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First of all, our company policy for this year is We ain’t buying nothing. So to spend the kind of money we spent on a planter was, on the surface, foolish. But I thought after looking at it and buying the sales pitch it could be a 1-to-1 payoff. We felt we could get our money back quickly. - John McKee Farms

I have been really impressed with Ag Leader's new SureDrives. My singulation has greatly improved and the turn compensation feature has made spacing around turns so much better than it was with my old chain drive system. - Jesse, a limited release participant in Missouri

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