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International Perspectives: TerraStar-L Provides Repeatable Accuracy to South America and beyond!

by Aug 24, 2017Ag Leader, International Perspectives

With the launch of the new GPS correction signal, Terrastar-L, Ag Leader provides another great tool to help growers around the world to be more accurate and profitable.

A lower accuracy GPS fix (when compared to Terrastar-C or RTK) fills in a gap that plays an important part in Latin America market. Customers now have a cost-effective option that can bring more precision to operations such as spreading, spraying and, in some cases, even planting.

The addition of a repeatable precision signal at low cost to Ag Leader product list opens a new range of options for brand customers throughout Latin America, especially in operations that do not require high accuracy.

Now, with a full line of correction signals that includes GLIDE, Terrastar-L, Terrastar-C, and RTK, Ag Leader is able to serve a very large range of producers and crops, a very important factor due to the great heterogeneity of agriculture in Latin America.


About Carlos Cabral

Carlos is the Technical Support Manager for Latin America out of our South American office in Curitiba, Brazil. In his free time, Carlos likes to travel, to get to know new places and different cultures. Also, he enjoys movies, watching soccer games and MMA fights. Carlos holds a mechanical engineer degree and a masters degree in Thermal and energy engineering.