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Together We Are Ag Leader: Tim Gaul

by Jul 8, 2013Ag Leader

To make Ag Leader Technology successful, many people have to come together and work towards a similar goal. Over the next year, I will be introducing readers to some of the people that make Ag Leader possible. From our engineering department to our dealers and customers, together, we are Ag Leader.

Today we will hear from our Quality and Improvement Manager, Tim Gaul.


What is your name and title?
My name is Tim Gaul and I have been the Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager for 3 years.

Role at Ag Leader
I view my job at Ag Leader is to help create effective processes that result in products and services that our customers are thrilled with.  That involves a lot more than the traditional stereotype of a Quality Manager as the head of the product “inspection department.”  Prior to joining Ag Leader full-time, I was a Lean Manufacturing consultant, and Ag Leader was one of my many client companies.  I still see myself in this role, but now I am total focused on helping only our business grow and prosper, while preserving and enhancing the company values which have brought us success.

What does it mean to be an “Ag Leader”?
Being an “Ag Leader” means being out ahead in bringing innovative, dependable technology to farmers that will help them grow more food, more profitably.  All of us who work here contribute to making that happen.  I like to draw a parallel between “Precision Agriculture” and “Precision Manufacturing.”  Both are concerned with:
• Optimizing inputs and maximizing yields,
• Accurately controlling processes and operations, and
• Collecting and analyzing data to drive improvements.

What’s the best part of your job or what’s your favorite project you’ve worked on?
The best part of my job is seeing the successful, measureable results of a team project or “kaizen improvement event.”  It’s always amazing how much a group of people can accomplish when they have clear direction and when they feel empowered to think creatively.

What’s the title of last book you read?
It seems like I always have three or four books that I’m reading at any point in time!  If you see me at lunch here at work, you’ll always find me with a book in my hands.  A recent favorite is Richard Rohr’s “Immortal Diamond:  The Search for our True Self.”

what do you like to do when you’re away from work?

I have two other passions outside of work:

• Bicycling.  I commute to work year-round.  My wife, Peg, and I also enjoy riding our tandem bike and have taken it on many trails around the US.
• Music:  I’ve enjoyed singing and playing guitar for over 45 years.  My band released a CD a few years ago.   I am currently trying my hand at solo song-writing and hope to release a new CD within a year.


Still don’t understand the “Together we are Ag Leader” concept? Maybe this will help.