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Unlock precision application potential with RightSpot™ technology

by Apr 1, 2024Blog, DirectCommand®, Displays

In the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture, precise and efficient application technology can make all the difference in maximizing yields while minimizing input costs and environmental impact. At the forefront is Ag Leader’s RightSpot sprayer technology, an innovative solution tailored to meet the needs of farmers.

What is RightSpot and why do I need it?

An aftermarket upgrade for your existing sprayer, RightSpot simplifies precision spraying with unparalleled ease. At its core, RightSpot leverages nozzle-by-nozzle control to ensure consistent coverage across any terrain. This means that regardless of field topography or obstacles, RightSpot delivers uniform application, maximizing the effectiveness of every spray pass, saving time and resources.

RightSpot can also address the inconsistencies that may emerge because of how the operator drives the field. Automatic shut-off at a nozzle level allows the operator to complete the application on the most efficient path versus taking extra time tracing obstacles. Headlands, terraces, and curves are also accounted for with turn compensation, which helps maintain a consistent application rate on the inner and outer portions of the boom.

RightSpot leverages pulse width modulation (PWM) technology to ensure correct rate and coverage across the field. Furthermore, RightSpot boasts the ability to maintain proper droplet size regardless of speed, a feat that ensures the right amount of product is applied while reducing risk of drift.

The power and value of RightSpot is undeniable through its multifaceted ability to streamline spraying tasks, enhancing both quality and efficiency.

The Ag Leader advantage

While several options exist to provide aftermarket sprayer technology, RightSpot defines the standard by the way it integrates advanced spraying technology with the Ag Leader InCommand® 1200 display. This display has earned the reputation of being the most capable and user-friendly full-farm display in the market.

Beyond its ease of use, Ag Leader customers have come to trust the reliability and dependability of our products. We understand the importance of timeliness for every pass and the challenges created when technology becomes a barrier. Ag Leader has over two years of proven field performance with RightSpot and nearly 20 years of experience in liquid controllers. Farmers can trust that “It just works.”

Upgrading made easy

Not quite ready for RightSpot? No problem. You can begin with Ag Leader’s DirectCommand® L2 liquid application system, which includes automatic boom section control to minimize over application. Once you’re ready to upgrade, Ag Leader makes it easy to seamlessly transition to RightSpot.

To further enhance your sprayer’s performance, you can equip it with BoomLoop™, a complete recirculation solution for sprayers with RightSpot.

A promising future: Unlocking potential with RightSpot

As Ag Leader continues to redefine the standards for precision application technology, we are committed to helping farmers be successful. RightSpot isn’t just a product; it’s a testament to Ag Leader’s dedication to understanding and addressing the real-world challenges faced by farmers. With Ag Leader’s commitment to farmer success, we hope to continue to redefine the standards for precision application technology for years to come.

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