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Upgrade to TerraStar

Mar 2, 2023Ag Leader, Ag Leader News, Blog, Guidance & Steering

Product Sales Specialist Evan Watson discusses a fast and reliable GPS accuracy option, TerraStar-C Pro.

TerraStar-C Pro enhancements now available for GPS 7500

GPS 7500 v7.08.12 & InCommand v8.0
  • 1” or 2.5cm pass-to-pass accuracy. 
  • 5-minute convergence time, previously it was 15-minutes.
    • What is convergence? Convergence is the time it takes for the satellite geometry to give you a fixed position or green satellite on our Ag Leader displays.
  • ]  Multi GNSS Support Including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou.


    • What does this mean for the user? The ability to track multiple constellations and frequencies results in a more robust signal and a quicker recovery from a signal loss (<60s).
    •  There are more satellites available to pull signals from, so if satellite 3 & 5 has lost signal due to tree obstruction, satellite 25 & 26 can retain your position without dropping the signal. 
  • Global solution, utilize TerraStar-C Pro anywhere.  
  • Instant Reconvergence if you lose signal briefly. 

Instructions & Eligibility:

  • Promotion runs March 1, 2023 – April 30, 2023.
  • Must apply SBAS to TerraStar unlock prior to end of the 1-month trial to receive 1-year free subscription.
  • Eligible only on GPS 7500 receivers that have not been previously upgraded and have not used subscriptions.
  • GPS receiver must be updated to 7.08.12 firmware to achieve results.
Try TerraStar-C Pro this spring! Contact your local Ag Leader dealer to try it for FREE.