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Value of Data: Trip to Oregon – Part 2

by May 10, 2012Value of Data

Yesterday we shared information regarding agriculture in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.  Below are additional details about Luke’s trip to Oregon. Luke and our NW Territory manager Sean Ealy, a native Oregonian, discussed the value of data with farmers and ag specialists from the Willamette valley.  The meetings were informative and they discussed various items including yield monitoring,”>guidance, crop sensing using OptRx and analyzing data using the SMS Software.


While in the valley, Luke had the opportunity to interview Jammie Wutzke of Ag West Supply. Listen as Jammie explains how farmers may utilize precision ag data to improve their farms in the Willamette Valley…

Ag West Supply is one of our dealers located in the Willamette Valley.  They focus on helping growers learn more about how precision ag can benefit their operation.  Listen as Jammie defines the role that precision ag dealers play in helping farmers progress their operation…

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