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View Your Data from Anywhere, Anytime!

by Jan 16, 2015SMS™ Software

The majority of today’s society can be described in one word-mobile.

Most of us have a tablet nearby that has more processing power than our first 2 or 3 computers combined. We can access emails, surf the web, create documents and view nearly any file that’s sitting on our laptops back at the office.  What if we had that same mobility with our precision ag data? Imagine the possibilities…

Recently, Ag Leader announced Map View; a powerful new feature of the AgFiniti cloud-based platform, that brings a whole new level of mobility to your precision ag data. Now your data is just as mobile as the rest of your files. Map View’s powerful features include:

  • View your Data from anywhere and at any time.
  • Map View works in conjunction with SMS Desktop Software; this means you can view your data even if it came from a John Deere®, Trimble®, Precision Planting®, or other brand of display. All of your data can be seen from a single device, no matter where it originated from.
  • Data from most of your farming operations can be seen, not just planting and harvest.
  • Stack multiple years’ worth of data over one another, for easy visual comparison.
  • Boasts an intuitive and easy to use Interface.
  • Works on any web enabled device: iOS, Window’s or Android.
  • Utilize your devices location services and view your current position in real time, while displaying data relevant to your location.

Use the power of your collected data and data from years past to make informed observations in real time, while standing in the field or sitting in the truck. Collaborate with your trusted advisors anywhere, not just in the office. Examine your data at the kitchen table, in the field while on the ATV, or even at the local coffee shop. Map View gives you the mobility you’ve come to expect, while giving you powerful features to get the most out of your data.

To learn more about this exciting new addition to the AgFiniti cloud-based platform, visit our website!


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