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We want to hear from you!

by Jun 18, 2010Ag Leader


When you have a great conversation you always walk away with some sort of satisfaction – a question answered, a lively, respectful difference of opinion or maybe you learned something new.  But, there are also those conversations in which we walk away feeling unhappy (and we’ve all been there), the customer who bites your head off for something completely out of your control, the boss/spouse who does not communicate direction, and therefore is not happy with the outcome, or the know-it-all that digs their heels in, refusing to see the argument from another angle.  Which would you prefer to have on a regular basis?  Goes without saying, right? That’s how we feel about comments on our blog.  We want to engage our audience and have a conversation – even a difference of opinion, but we do not want to host a flaming session or help spammers with their mission.  To that end, we’ve developed a comments policy. We welcome and encourage comments, additional information or points of view.  That’s what a blog is right, a conversation?  We only ask that if you comment, you respectfully adhere to these guidelines in your comments.  Comments that do not fall within the guidelines will not be posted. We hope you rise to the occasion and let us know what you think of Precision Point.  All you lurkers out there…see Uncle Sam’s message – we want you!